Donno’s Park E-mails

August 11, 2006

The Independent News on Friday afternoon finally received Pensacola City Councilman Marty Donovan’s e-mails on the Community Maritime Park between Nov. 1, 2004 and July 12, 2006. The request took nearly a month to fill and only came after the IN threatened a court order.

Donovan charged the IN $110 for copies and clerical work. The city charged the IN $10.35. IN’s crack reporting staff immediately began scouring the nearly 400 pages of Donovan e-mails that are about 4-inches thick and have already uncovered some newsworthy information that we will share soon. Stay tuned…


15 Responses to “Donno’s Park E-mails”

  1. GQ Styles Says:

    Semper Fi dies in Luke’s World

    Everyone knows what the phrase “Semper Fi” means; it is the shortened version of the Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis, “Always Faithful.”

    One of the things the Marines remain faithful to is the truth. Lukey Boy proved unfit to utter the phrase.

    I could cite dozens of examples, but this one involves the chance to demonstrate basic moral character. Lukey Boy failed the test.

    The truth died on Friday in Luke’s World when he stated that Quint Studer will “lease the ballpark for $1 a year” if the Waterfront Park proposal passes.

    That is a lie.

    The truth is that the non-profit Community Maritime Park Associates will lease the land from the city for $1 per year. It will then sub-let the property to various tenants.

    Mr. Studer will guarantee a payment of $175,000 per year for 10 years for the multi-use stadium.

    $1.75-million over 10 years truth is a long way off from Lukey Boy’s lie.

    When you deliberately tell someone something that you know is untrue, you are a liar.

    Lukey Boy had a chance to redeem himself when a caller told his program phone screener that he had told his listeners something that isn’t true, and then told the screener what the real situation is. It was positioned that Lukey Boy would be able to correct himself and maintain his honesty with his listeners.

    Lukey Boy failed the character test. He never corrected himself.

    Semper Fi? Not Lukey Boy.

    That’s the difference between Lukey Boy and real community leaders. Those with even the most basic morality will admit when they make a mistake in a public utterance.

    But not Lukey Boy.

    The irony of all this is that Lukey Boy began his program on Friday by taking the Independent News to task, and the Pensacola News Journal to task, over their “character” – well, they publish corrections.

    Not Lukey Boy. Once he lies, he sticks with the lie, even when the lie is put into his face.

    Listening to his program all week, I learned that Lukey Boy is “nunquam fidelis” – never faithful.

    He failed the most basic of character tests.

    He proved himself unfit to utter the phrase so many moral Marines died to honor.

  2. Pensacola Pete Says:

    I agree. McCoy has no honor, and he never did. Also on his show on Friday he lost it around 5:10 and shouted that “I cannot approve of giving tens of millions of dollars to a multi-millionaire.” A direct attack on Quint Studer.

    It seems the Stop Our City brains have given Luke his marching orders, namely to hammer home the lie that this is a $1 per year/60 year giveaway to a fat cat. It seems to me a lot of the hate and resentment on the other side has been directed towards Studer, who God bless him, is one of the best things to happen to this area in decades. They don’t trust him. Why? Because he is not a good ol’ boy and because he is smarter than the entire Stop Our City brain trust put together.

    Things to watch out for:

    The SOC seems to focus on 2 things now, the so called $1 per year giveaway and what they are calling the “baseball park,” leading the unwary to believe this is just a scheme to build a stadium.

    Stay informed, stay true to the truth and politely debate these characters down to their socks. They know they are liars, expose them as such at every opportunity.

    BTW, those new Stop Our City yard signs were illegally placed in several yards in East Pensacola Heights. The owners removed them and many have complained to the city police on simple trespass grounds.

  3. Anonmyous Says:

    Funny thing, Rick, talking about that simpleton McCoy and his guest Donovan having a one-sided talk fest against the maritime park ….. aren’t you doing the same thing FOR the Maritime Park ? Does that mean you’re insulted by your own actions ?

    My view is that the Maritime Park may well be the best use for the City for that parcel, but as a matter of open governement, which you espouse and which you used to get Donovan’s emails, what exactly is the problem with having an open Request for Proposals and find out IF the proposal is the BEST one out there ? What is Studer afraid of ? If their proposal is the best, AND it is what the public (meaning the owners of the property) wants, then it will prevail – you’re not actually going to try and convince anyone that Studer will pout and take his marbles and go home if he doesn’t get what he wants immediately, are you. And if you are, and if he will, to hell with him – we don’t need dictators in Pensacola.

  4. Mike from East Hill Says:

    Donnie Darko maintains his mystical hold on under educated city residents. Why is it that someone who cries foul is immediately accepted as the bearer of truth?

    My sources at WSRE say Joe S. mouthed off about the vote OFF camera, hence the rumors but he will NOT endorse either side prior to the vote, of course he won’t, he’s a fence sitter. If it passes he will praise the wise decision, if it tanks, he will hail the mighty forces of Stop Our City.

    Has anyone approached our mighty, fearless rep Jeff Miller? My guess is he waiting for instructions. Maybe Rove will weigh in, ha!

    One thing is for certain, if Stop Our City wins, Marty Donovan will offcially be the Boss Tweed of Pensacola. Nothing moves ahead without the Boss’s ok.

  5. Interested Observer Says:

    From Saturday’s PNJ:

    “With a three-year, $120,000 grant from Quint and Rishy Studer, the Florida Special Olympics has hired retired Navy veteran Jorge De Montalvo as director of the newly combined Special Olympics for Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.”

    You’re right, Luke. This guy only looks out for himself.

    And, to be fair, in the same article:

    “De Montalvo is working out of North W Street offices donated by Pensacola import car dealer Gerald Adcox.”

    Adcox, I believe is a supporter of SOC. Nice to see these community leaders stepping up and making a difference.

  6. Pensacola Pete Says:

    Yes, the Studer family should be chastized, what with their reckless and irresponsible giving of money. Oh my GOD, Special Olympics! Maybe the Stop Our City team fears “those people” will be at the park!

    Yes, blast the Studers! They are obviously out of control liberals, what next? Giving to the homless? The poor? OMG it’s commie-scocialism, wait, no, it’s in the BIBLE. Hmmm. Feed the hungy, clothe the naked. I guess Jesus would vote no on the park, right?

    The truth will prevail.

  7. A Observer Says:

    Hey, we all know he is only doing it for the tax right off… isn’t he??!!

  8. Justin E. Bass Says:

    I have worked with the Special Olympics since I was 14. I have done everything from cleaning up to officiating to driving a bus.

    Anyone who denigrates these kids are so far below the level of human deceny as to not register a response.

    To imply the SO is some sort of slush fund for local politios is reprehensible beyond mere words. Shame on you.

    One of the gifts god gave these kids is the ability to tune you regular folks out.

  9. Pensacola Pete Says:

    To A. Observor:

    What? Jesus is looking for a tax break?

    Now show your true colors and spew venom. God bless.

  10. Interested Observer Says:

    I think there’s a corner in hell that burns a little hotter for anyone who makes fun of these kids…I’ll stand by my original comment: It’s nice to see local leadership making a difference.

  11. Pensacola Pete Says:

    I mis-read your original comments, sorry. I agree anyone who messes with these kids should be forced to listen to Luke McCoy for eternity, ha!

    I only hope sanity will prevail and we will all stop this reckless warfare over a common community project.

    Peace Out,

  12. Joe Says:

    Funny, I took A. Observor’s comment as sarcasm…

    That said, the poor spelling (“right off”?) and excessive punctuation does resemble a certain S.O.C. troll we know and love*, so who knows? It’s sad the issue has gotten to the point we can’t even tell anymore.

    (* also sarcasm)

  13. Pensacola Pete Says:

    Yeah, I picked up on that too. I just thought I’d throw a peace muffin out there and see who bites. I guess it’s pointless to hope the anti-park cavemen will find reason at this late stage in the game.

  14. A Observer Says:

    It was meant as sarcasm guys.

    Trust me, I am well aware of the many good things that Quint has done in the community. Oh, and I also think the Special Olympics are fantastic.

    I apologize for those who did not pick up on the sarcasm.

  15. Rick Outzen Says:

    For the person whp posted the comment that begin with “Funny…” The difference between my comments on the park and Mr. McCoy’s is my position is based on facts – which I’ve listed in this blog and in our paper. I have yet to have a SOC supporter dispute my facts. They might not agree with my conclusions, but the facts are facts.

    Three months ago, I asked Fairchild, Donovan, Mccoy and SOC to pick five minor league baseball parks that have been built in downtown areas over the past five years. We could analyze them together and really determine if such parks are successful. They refused to do it.

    If you read this blog or my paper – you will see that I’ve not limited SOC input. I’ve printed their letters to editor, and I let myself be criticized quite regularly.

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