Why has SOC website changed?

August 10, 2006

angrySome SOC supporters believe Marty Donovan, Charlie Fairchild, Melanie Nichols, C.C. Elebash have been less than honest in the campaign to get signatures for the referendum and on the original website pages.

They were upset that they had been led to believe the CMP proposal would be paid for with their property taxes – Charlie had to admit at the Tuesday, August 8 meeting that – no, the park will be paid for with CRA monies – but we want to abolish the CRA so your taxes will be lowered.


One Response to “Why has SOC website changed?”

  1. Joe Says:

    I noticed that too. The S.O.C. campaign is now less about the Park itself and more about the CRA. Among other things, that lets them make up all sorts of figures to sell their snake oil: “The public portion is paid by CRA funds, which would otherwise go to the City and County, so if there WERE no CRA, the amount of money the City and County would gain over the next 60 years is such-and-such million dollars. THEREFORE, by our topsy-turvy logic, the Park is costing City and County taxpayers such-and-such million dollars!!!”

    Talk about a bait-and-switch…

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