Road trip for Choral Society – big deal for P’cola

August 10, 2006

Choral Society of Pensacola Ensemble to Perform at Choral Festival in Beijing, China

Choral Society of Pensacola Artistic Director, Xiaolun Chen, announces that an 18-member ensemble composed of Choral Society singers will take part in The Second Annual China International Chinese Choral Festival to be held in Beijing, China August 22-25, 2006.

The Choral Society ensemble is the only chorus from the United States participating in this prestigious festival, which will feature performances by 30 choral groups, including 18 drawn from within China.  In addition, the Choral Society ensemble is one of only three participating choruses whose singers are not either Chinese or composed of singers of Chinese origin, the other two being from Japan.

The Choral Society ensemble will sing three Chinese folk songs in the native language and an English rendition of “Amazing Grace” in their performances at the festival.

Singers making the trip with Chen include Jennifer Adkins, Linda Christian, Pat Corwin, Cara DeCaylor, Anita Clarke, Peter Gram, Mary Holway, Ruth Jackson, Skip Jenkins, Barbara Lewis, Zhihui Li, Vann Millheim, Sabra Parkin, Sharon Van Hoose, Judy Vicari, Bradley Vinson, Roger Vinson and Joyce Yaden.

For more information, please contact the Choral Society at 850-484-1806.


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