It’s late and I’ve had too much to think

August 10, 2006

targetStop Our City has made a big deal out of Quint Studer hiring Ray Gindroz to conduct public forums and that Miller Caldwell wrote an email about making sure Gindroz understood the CMP plan and needs.

This is really a non-issue – meaning SOC is making much out of nothing. 

First, Studer saved the City of Pensacola $150,000 by paying for Gindroz. I can find no record where Marty Donovan made a motion for the City to pay for Gindroz. If i’m wrong, send me the meeting transcripts.

Second, the conceptual plan that Studer, Adm. Fetterman and UWF Pres. Cavanaugh proposed included the stadium, museum and conference center from the very beginning. Therefore it was important that Gindroz understand the requirements for each. Those components were never not going to be in the final proposal because that is why Studer, Fetterman and Cavanaugh teamed up in the first place.

The other non issue that SOC wants the voters to believe is important is the first phase of the park may not have all the components discussed in the public forums – marina, boat ramps, fishing piers. They say the ballpark, museum or conference center should be cut.

Again the reason Studer, Fetterman and Cavanaugh were together was to build the stadium, museum and conference center – those are the anchors of the project. This was never hidden from the council or the public.
But the bigger issue is cost of construction. CMP is limited to no more than $40 million from the bonds. The delays have driven costs up and interest rates have also increased. If SOC really were concerned about those amenities, then help CMPA raise money to pay for them.

Within the next few weeks, I fully expect Stop Our City to make an issue that Quint Studer doesn’t have facial hair like Charlie, Marty, their new BLAB co-host Jerry Howard and Luke McCoy. Expect Melanie Nichols and Helene to sport facial hair too to prove the SOC point.
Facial hair will be just as “important” as the two other issues I mentioned above.


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