IN Martini Night – 8/9/06 buzz

August 10, 2006

MartiniEscambia Co. School Superintendent Jim Paul stopped by along with Gary Bergosh (and his wife) and Jeff Bergosh (and his wife). A couple of his former Escambia High School students came up to Paul and talked about how much his teaching meant to them. One shared a story of how Paul once used a rubber snake to wake up a drowsy student.
A parent shared how grateful she was for how the first days of school went. It was good to see Jim and I think the support he got was reassuring to him.

Good feedback on the health issue last week. The uninsured is a big concern on the younger population.

CMP conversation positive – interesting how Stop Our City keeps changing its message. More interest in this election primary that most. The turnout could be larger than many expect.


9 Responses to “IN Martini Night – 8/9/06 buzz”

  1. Interested Parent Says:

    I’m glad to hear your meeting with Jim, Jeff and Gary went well. Did you get a chance to ask Jim or Jeff (and Gary for that matter) about their position on intelligent design? I think a lot of folks would love to know.

  2. "Sarah" Says:

    Personally, I hope if confronted with that inquiry, “Jim, Jeff and Gary” would defer to Judge(John E.)Jones opinion.
    After all, he was the one that heard six weeks of intensive evidence on whether the inclusion of ID into the curriculum would pass the Lemon test and the Endorsement test – which was/is the real issue.

  3. Interested Parent Says:

    As interesting and compelling as the judge’s comments may be, I would still love to hear what “Jim, Gary, and Jeff’s” thoughts were.

  4. A Parent Says:

    I imagine that much more important things to discuss regarding our children’s education than ID.

  5. Interested Parent Says:

    Not arguing here. Just wondering. I’m sure they discussed some weighty educational issues. Probably didn’t have time to talk about ID. But, given the treatment it received these past weeks from Rick and others, I would wager that it came up. No big bang…uh…deal…right?

  6. "Sarah" Says:


    Not while I was there. Since it was only two days into the new school year, glitches and successes seemed to be the main topic.

  7. NewDecider2008 Says:

    Since intelligent design has nothing to do with education and everything to do with your religious beliefs, I fail to see what it actually matters what the Superintendent of PUBLIC schools thought about it. I’m sure they didn’t discuss the pros & cons of the Koran either for that matter.

  8. Richard Says:

    I teach Creationism to my children at home like Terry (another blogger ) does. I am not sure I want Todd or his friends teaching my children how God created the heavens and the earth in class. I believe that and that is what my children believe. I don’t need the public schools to give me their version of the biblical story. Does anyone know Todd’s position on how to handle our excess school problem. The only way we are going to get pay up is close some schools. He is awful quiet on the hottest subject going right now. It is funny really. He says we can cut the hall center in half and give our teachers a payraise to catch up to Okaloosa county. OK, that study has already been done. I believe if you eliiminated every administrator in the district with the exception of principals but including the Superintendent you could give all 3400 teachers a 1.25 % payraise. It is so easy for Tom and Todd to say, cut, cut, cut. Cut what Tom? What are you guys talking about? What do you think the Superintendent has done and is still trying to do. how many of the Hall Center jobs are required by state or Federal law? How many electricians should we cut? How many plumbers? How many hall center bus drivers or mechanics? How many Food sevice managers ( there are only a couple to fead 45,000 meals a day) How about reading specialists or math specialists? Where were you when they came to board meetings and tried to tar and feather him for making so many cuts a few years ago? Where were you when he outsourced a number of district functions? Where were you and Todd when he tried to close and consolidate schools and programs because the district either couldn’t afford them or they were ineficient to run? Nah, you guys don’t know much about what has been going on around here and and thats too bad.

  9. A Parent Says:

    Excellent points Richard.

    It is becoming exceptionally clear that Todd and his camp believe that because he has had discussions with school administartors in the course of his career selling class rings and text books, that he has somehow become an expert in public education. Each and every point they throw out is easily refuted.

    How can we elect someone to the school board who continuously, and incorrectly, slams Jim Paul, his administration, and all of our hard-working teachers.

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