Gallagher stays in race

August 10, 2006


RO: He has to – we’re suppose to interview him.

from Miami Herald:


Gallagher not quitting, advisors say


Tom Gallagher will announce today that he has rejected suggestions from some supporters that he drop out of the governor’s race and that he is in the Republican primary to stay, three close advisors to the campaign said Wednesday.

The announcement comes on the heels of a report in The Miami Herald that Gallagher had seriously considered dropping out of the race to reserve Republican resources and allow his supporters to make peace with his front-running GOP rival, Charlie Crist.

Gallagher, the state chief financial officer who has aspired to be Florida’s governor since he first ran for office in 1982, is trailing Crist by 20 points in the polls and has raised $4.2 million less in cash, despite positioning himself for this race for years.

Gallagher and his campaign staff still hold out hope that ”the stars will align” and he will overcome the odds to edge out Crist, said Pete Dunbar, a Gallagher campaign advisor who ran his unsuccessful 1994 bid for governor.

The elements Gallagher needs to pull off a victory: Conservatives will have to come out and vote for him in large numbers; turnout must be high in Miami-Dade County — where his campaign polls show he has an edge — and turnout in the rest of the state must be low, as many election supervisors have predicted, Dunbar said.

‘I’ve known Tom Gallagher for almost 30 years and there’s no way, in my opinion, he stands up and says anything but: `I’m in this race and now we start talking about the issues,’ ” Dunbar said.

Miami state Rep. David Rivera, a point man for Gallagher’s campaign in Miami-Dade, confirmed that Gallagher will reassure supporters today that he’s in it to stay.

”Tom Gallagher has never quit in the face of adversity,” Rivera said.

Gallagher spokesman Alberto Martinez said Gallagher believes that dropping out would leave conservative voters without a voice in the governor’s race. Gallagher is scheduled to make his announcement at a policy summit in Orlando, hosted by incoming state House Speaker Marco Rubio of Miami.


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