Young Democrat writes….yes, they’re out there

August 9, 2006

light blub Every election cycle, we hear a lot of talk about voter apathy among young people. As the future leaders of this country we cannot afford to be silent in such a pivotal election year.

Earlier this year, the Republican-led Congress cut $12 billion dollars out of federal student aid programs in order to help finance tax cuts for the wealthiest two-percent of Americans. Instead of making higher education more accessible by expanding Pell grants and student loans, Jeff Miller and other Republicans voted to double the interest rates on student loans.

Congress should be working diligently to make college and vocational programs more affordable, not putting them further out of reach. The Republican raid on education funding undermines America’s competitiveness in the global economy.

Everyday we read about another company moving high-paying jobs to India or China, while the American dream of middle-class financial stability drifts farther and farther away. The key to growing and maintaining a healthy and robust middle-class is providing young people with affordable quality education.

These student loan cuts are one of many ways the Republicans are leading us in the wrong direction. Democrats support moving in the right direction by making college more affordable.

I will be voting straight ticket Democrat on November 7th, and I invite you to do the same.



Keith Hardy


11 Responses to “Young Democrat writes….yes, they’re out there”

  1. anonymous Says:

    In response to the headline, Have you been to a college campus lately? They are overflowing with democratic minded students and professors. So much so that if you think differently (whether independent or republican or whatever) you are the outcast.

  2. William Says:

    Why is it that all campus republicans claim discrimination or that they’re outcast if any of their beliefs are challenged? Challenge mine. I want you to. I welcome the debate. And did it ever occur to you that maybe just maybe the academic world is filled with more democrats because the more educated you are, the more divorced you are from republican beliefs?

  3. Interested Parent Says:

    No, that never occured to me. Because, it is not true!

  4. William Says:

    And thanks for the post, Keith. I’ll be joining you on election day voting straight Democrat ballot. It’s got to get better. My dog would do a better job of governing than this bunch of criminals we have in there now.

  5. William Says:

    Hold there and I’ll get you the link to study after study that proves it.

  6. William Says:

    This study does not address education levels directly but it is interesting none the less:

    From The National Science Foundation:

    “They thought about typical individuals, and since they mainly live in metro New York, or Washington, the typical Democrat they conjured up was a wealthy one, a ‘limousine liberal.’ At the same time, they conjured up a typical conservative as poorer, more religious, a ‘NASCAR’ Republican,” says study co-author Boris Shor.

    If income has less influence on voting patterns in rich “blue” states, as this study suggests, then what factors are motivating voters in these states?

    “Maybe social or moral issues matter more in ‘blue’ states,” Park speculates. “In other words, maybe ‘values’ matters more in ‘blue’ states than ‘red’ states. We’re currently extending our research to include these additional factors.”

    What’s that?? Moral issues more important to democrats? Yes, I am a democrat because I care more about those around me less fortunate that I am.

  7. William Says:

    Politics: The Education Effect
    Nicholas Emler, Elizabeth Frazer
    Oxford Review of Education, Vol. 25, No. 1/2, Political Education (Mar. – Jun., 1999) , pp. 251-273
    View Article at:

    “Can Education Improve Democracy?

  8. Interested Parent Says:


  9. William Says:

    Your spelling proficiency reveals your lack of higher education, thus proving my point once again……the more education, the more likely to be democrat.

    It’s bologna. Gee-whiz…even that commercial jingle could have told you that.
    But I think the slang “baloney” was what you were shooting for.

  10. Interested Parent Says:

    Gee-wiz… thanks, dude.

  11. danielsolis Says:

    Republicans are too stupid to get into college. There’s no room for racist hillbillys in the good schools. GO Democrats!!!!!!!

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