WCOA Pensacola Speaks forum shutdown again

August 9, 2006

secretJust got email. The site is shutdown for “ the mean-spirited, immature conduct of some of the listeners in this area.”


One Response to “WCOA Pensacola Speaks forum shutdown again”

  1. William Says:

    Better yet, why are these people still on the air? I had the misfortune of turning across this station during the Katrina aftermath and I truly thought it was a parody. I thought they were impersonating KKK members when I heard their comments on the poor people who were stranded at the convention center in New Orleans. I wrote to Morris Dees at the Southern Poverty Law Center, who catalogs hate groups in the US, regarding the show. They said they have had amny complaints about them and that they are on their radar. Unfortunate but I guess these 20% lunatic fringe will always be around, crawling around under rocks leaving a slime trail.

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