WCOA Forum has become haven for racists

August 9, 2006

screamingCheckout I hate you pro parkers! on WCOA public forum.

Also notice our “favorite bigot” Raymond/Chuck/Art/Floyd has moved over to the WCOA site. WCOA Pensacola Speaks

I banned this jerk from this blog last week Bye, Bye Raymond


3 Responses to “WCOA Forum has become haven for racists”

  1. Pensacola Pete Says:

    No surprise, there. The Pensacola Speaks crowd usually (thinly) veils their flat-out racism but lately they feel threatened and it has come to the surface. Rick, I guess you saw where Raymond refers to you as a child molester now, typical of the way his brain works. Someone challenges his beliefs and instead of thinking it through, he responds with vile, disgusting hate.

    Luke McCoy has the rare caller that identifies himself as African-American or gay and he will invariably cut them off and ridicule them. WCOA, blog and radio station alike, has become a haven of hate mongering bigots and is truly a disgrace and an embarrassment to the city.

    On the positive side, they are proving the anti-CMP people to be just what we said they were all along. I truly believe their childish and hateful tactics have swung more people to the pro-park side than they have convinced anyone to oppose it.

  2. Rick Outzen Says:

    I’ve been threatened by worse. Still get regular posts under a variety of fake names from Raymond/Chuck/Floyd/Art. Even got a phone call. If it continues, we will have to out him — thank goodness for caller id.

  3. Jim McClellan Says:

    This is, of course, the beauty of free speech. Often, all you need to do is let someone speak long enough and their true nature will reveal itself.

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