SOC wants $40 million fishing pier

August 9, 2006

SOC FairchildThe new campaign flyer from Stop Our City is out.  They’re latest argument against the waterfront park is “For 40 million dollars, we get: No museum. No fishing pier. No marina. No public boat ramps. But someone gets a really nice ballpark.”

First, the museum is paid for with state grants and private donations – of which Studer is donating $2.25 million!!!!!! Why should the City & CRA pay for the museum?
Which would you rather have for $40 million  -a fishing pier, marina and boat ramps


multi-use park, conference center, downtown UWF campus, amphitheater and public park?

Which will generate most economic value to the community?

More smoke and mirrors & false issue from Marty, Charlie and the gang


One Response to “SOC wants $40 million fishing pier”

  1. William Says:

    Who wants a damn fishing pier?!? Will that bring more families down town?? Will that provide ANY jobs?? These people are sooooo desperate. A fishing pier…..right. FISH FROM THE SHORE!

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