Banjanin loves dogs,but do they vote?

August 9, 2006


Way to go, TomKat!


From Pensacola Dog Owners Association

The subject of allowing disabled, elderly and financial stretched people with companion animals to evacuate to shelters with their companion animal during a disaster will be addressed by the Escambia County Commissions at approximately 10:30am on Thursday, August 10th, at the Escambia County Court House. This item has been added to the Commissioners agenda due to the efforts of your Association and Commissioner Tom Banjamin.

We encourage everyone to attend. Your support is needed to help the people in Escambia County who have companion animals and no safe place to go during a disaster. Other counties have programs, why not Escambia?

The Pensacola Dog Owners Association supports shelters that include an area for companion animals.

Please pass this on to every animal lover you know. Please get there early to assure you get a seat.

Thank you for your support!

The Pensacola Dog Owners Association


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