SOC to handout yard signs tonight

August 8, 2006

Here’s what they look like:

no trespassing


5 Responses to “SOC to handout yard signs tonight”

  1. GQ Styles Says:

    Luke stumbles – insults – drops the ball entirely on the lease issue.

    Today, Lukey Boy started by insulting young voters by saying they lack judgment. The caller told him she supporters the issue – he told her she didn’t see any young people among the SOC Nihilistic Hordes because “with age comes judgment.”

    Luke’s big idea today was to get off the Park and onto other issues – in particular, gas prices. No cigar.

    When a caller asked him about how the lease works, Lukey Boy admitted he really didn’t understand how the lease works. His deal was to say that because he doesn’t understand how it works, that goes back to being a “hazy” deal. At least at that point he dropped “shady,” which he used yesterday.

    Actually, Luke was ready to drop the Park subject already. But calling minds want to know . . .

    A caller identified as “Jane” totally wrinkled Lukey Boy. He floundered on the fact that only CRA area folks pay tax money into this project. She nailed him with the facts; he floundered talking around about it. She wanted to get across that only CRA pays, he wanted to talk about the roots of the agency. No cigar, again.

    Lukey Boy lost it with a young caller from UWF. He shouted at him, and told him in his gruff, angry voice, “I’m not going to get into this asinine discussion about there’s nothing to do in Pensacola!”

    He then hung up on the caller. He then took a commercial break. He then begged for support from his listeners.

    Under the banner of “With friends like this, who needs enemies,” the next caller actually mentioned the name of the Market Manger in his call. Lukey Boy freaked. So it will be interesting to see if the Market Manager of the station will become a target of the SOC Nihilistic Hordes.

    But rather than shut up, Lukey Boy kept whining about how persecuted he is about being against the park.

    Lukey Boy wasn’t even in the same universe with the cigar factory on that one. He might as well be signing his own pink slip. He is prodding the SOC Nihilistic Hordes to call the Market Manger and complain. What a maroon . . .

    The funniest moment came when a female WCOA employee – I believe age 22 – had to come to Lukey Boy’s defense. She is his screener. She went on to tell the audience about how Lukey Boy is so sincere – as if she didn’t have her paycheck hanging over her head. What an insult to the listeners.

    Would she still have a job if she told Lukey Boy that he is a fruitcake? I don’t think so.

    Then he starts asking her after each caller if he did OK. She bubbles, “Yes – that was great!”

    What is it they say about old goats and young girls? Or should we focus again on how Luke said young people her age have no judgment?

    Now then, you’ve got to get a grip on this event: A female called into the program who told the audience she was going to vote for the Park, but as a result of the Park ads and the phone calls into his show, she is now against the project.

    You need to know who she is: She is a Board member of SOC. Once again, we see the intellectual dishonesty of the SOC Nihilistic Hordes. Actually, in this case, this is complete dishonesty. Morals ‘R Us SOC ain’t.

    I guess the point that is sinking in to Lukey Boy – if he were able to check his ego at the door, and stop playing cutesy with the female screener, is that his support on this is lame. Even when he begged for people to call to support him, he only got about 4 to do so.

    More tomorrow.

  2. Joe Says:

    Who was the SOC board member? Did she say her name, or did you identify the voice? That’s a pretty big strike against ’em if someone can confirm it!

    Does WCOA provide recordings of past shows? Wouldn’t it be fun to comb through a few weeks (especially the shows with Marty) and just make a list of all the lies.

  3. Jami Says:

    I have been listening to “Pensacola Speaks” on my way home from work since I first moved to Pensacola six yeard ago. What was interesting to me about that show (keep in mind that I actually LIKE the crogety old Luke show) was that Luke said something toward the end of the show about how all these “RICH” people are on the pro side and he played it as if the “POOR” folks were the only ones with sense who would vote no. This is getting ahrd to listen to!!!!

    Anyone who is familiar with radio, knows that radio talent gets paid BIG BUCKS for what they do. I have heard enough times about his new BMW sports car, that he lives on the beach. So Luke, don’t play the poor boy routine, OK? Somehow I don’t think Marty Donovan or Charles Fairchild are POOR either.

    Maybe there are some people in town who have done better that you. Maybe they know how to work their money better. Maybe they know how to finance better, but Luke, somehow I think you’ve done pretty well for yourself and YOU DESERVE IT, as do the others who have worked hard for their money.

    Just a POOR single mom voting yes.

  4. Rick Outzen Says:

    Stop Our City’s primary support – $5000 per contribution – is Bill Smart – retired Abbott exec who live in the gated waterfront community – Port Royal.

    This is not a rich vs. poor issue.

  5. Pudge Says:

    Rich or poor, really makes no difference.
    Both are for and against the present proposal.
    Point is, like the signs now appearing say: “We can build a BETTER waterfront park”.
    To that end, this train must be turned around.
    Thank you.

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