John Cavanaugh’s vision for Maritime Museum

August 8, 2006

On the Stop Our City website, Marty, Charlie and crew attack the museum:

lensThe Museum

Q: What happened to the world-class maritime museum that has been touted to the public for the past three years?

The original museum was touted as a world-class museum fashioned after the Naval Air Museum. However, like so many of the features in this project, it seems to have morphed into something else. In this case, a maritime museum/archeological research center which is jammed onto the existing Trillium property with little room to expand.

The original plans for the maritime museum called for the research center to be placed at Bruce Beach, an adjacent property owned by the City. In order to not muddy the waters, Admiral Fetterman conceded to attach the research center to the museum. For obvious reasons, this change in concepts was never mentioned by the CMPA in its presentations.

Again, it demonstrates the convoluted route that this project has taken in order to gain Council approval of the baseball stadium.

Q: Why is a world-class museum important to the project?

A large segment of the economic impact study depended upon the museum generating significant visitor activity. Without a world-class museum, those projections, if they were true to start with, would appear to fall flat.

Much of the public support for the project came about because it contained a world-class museum. Without the museum to attract visitors, the local support and tourist impact has disappeared.

The replacement has been an archeological research center. While this activity is important, it by no means has the same tourist or community impact that a world-class museum would have.

Q: Would this change jeopardize the project?

Yes. The project has been sold to the public as needing all three elements; education, baseball stadium and maritime museum in order to be successful. Drastically changing one of those elements would appear to place the entire project in financial peril.

HERE IS WHAT UWF PRESIDENT JOHN CAVANAUGH HAS TO SAY ABOUT THE MUSEUMMuseum Vision. It’s quite a different vision than one the SOC wants to believe in. The museum will be a world-class facility. Again SOC tactic is to smear and insinuate without providing any facts.


One Response to “John Cavanaugh’s vision for Maritime Museum”

  1. Rick Says:

    Why doesn’t Cavanaugh get out of the pockets of the local developers trying to get a tiny piece of a waterfront project and actually DO something for UWF. The college languished for decades under Morris Marxn with all of those beautiful acres of campus lying fallow. Marx is gone, we have Cavanaugh, and this is the best he can come up with ? Why not a law school – not one in this end of the State. Why not a medical school ? FA&M got that plum. There is always talk about attracting high tech industry here, and yet we can’t…. anybody with a third grade education or better knows that you can never attract high tech without a college with a good engineering/science department offering post grad degrees, preferably with good research grants going on. Hell, PJC has a better technical menu than UWF.

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