Cheryl, be careful what you ask for

August 8, 2006

angryThere’s another viewpoint in the PNJ today opposing the park – Viewpoint: Trillium advice from ‘outsiders’ not welcome

Cheryl Tucker argues that only those who are paying Pensacola taxes should have their letters to the editor printed.

Cheryl might have a point. Since the park is being financed solely by Community Redevelopment district funds, then maybe only business owners (who aren’t necessarily Pensacola residents) who have property in the CRA should vote. Why should a Charlie Fairchild who is now a renter (he sold his office building last year) in the CRA have an opinion or vote on how CRA money is spent?

Of course, this is ridiculous. Many of the non-residents that Tucker criticizes have businesses, jobs and pay property and other taxes in the City of Pensacola. Many wish they could vote for the project – because their tax dollars will help fund it.

People outside the City see the value of the CMP – it’s a shame 20% of Pensacola residents will oppose anything.


One Response to “Cheryl, be careful what you ask for”

  1. Jim McClellan Says:

    As this paper has pointed out previously, it seems peculiar that the SOC crowd insists we need out-of-town developers to offer proposals for the property, but then recoils at the prospect of someone from Gulf Breeze or Milton being involved or even registering an opinion.

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