What has WCOA become?

August 7, 2006

First…I did not major in English. I’m just a native of the City of Five flags and do not like the city getting slammed by some transplants…no not you…a short version

Last Friday, I happened to catch some of Luther Eason’s (Luke McCoys) ‘Pensacola Speaks’ as he was pontificating on the Maritime Park news. He made a comment  that really burns me, and it should also ruffle a few feathers.

He stated that Dr. John Cavanaugh was only trying to gain fame so he could add to his resume,,, and maybe, just maybe get a job at a  REAL UNIVERSITY some day. This is coming from WCOA’S Pensacola Speaks program.

Matter of history, WCOA was named originally for Wonderful City of Advantages when it was first on the air. WCOA was a mainstay for this area in the 50..60.. and 70’s for being the leader in local news. I know it goes against everything that Pensacola Speaks was started for. 

There are a lot of good Newscasters and air personalities as well as listeners that would be turning over in their graves. Some are still with us, Gordon Towne, Dave Pavlock, Byrne Bennete and I hope they did not tune in to what Speaks has become.

Don Priest was our version of Walter Cronkite for 3 decades and I know he would never would have tolerated putting people down that are only helping keep our city moving foreword. I was lucky enough to have worked in the newsroom with some of them. It is ironic that Wonderful City of Advantages is becoming a one sided forum. Maybe Luke could get Mark O’Brian to team up with him.

I know society changes and “Radio ain’t what it used to be” When you paper first started, it provided a way to get information out to the readers..and your team has carried that forward. There are a lot of times that I don’t agree or like what you write, but you at least do it fairly.

This is not a letter to the editor … just a chance to say that I along with a lot of other citizens are ashamed of the UWF President being slandered as he was.Maybe they changed the meaning of WCOA to Wonderful City of A………

Thanks for letting me vent and at the same time to inform you of McCoys rantings.


3 Responses to “What has WCOA become?”

  1. UWF Booster Says:

    Thank you! Someone has finally stood up to the bully Luke McCoy! I encourage everyone to listen to a few minutes of his nonsensical hate filled rants, any weekday bewteeb 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

    I have heard him rail against UWF ad nauseum, he hates anything connected with higher education or the arts, or progress for that matter. He has also come out against ANY funding of the West Florida regional Library System. His defense: “There are plenty of bookstores.”

    Maybe a few of us will have the courage to call into his show and challenge him with logic.

    Well, done Rick!

  2. Nick Bodkins Says:

    Rick, i’ve been back from Orlando this summer working on a commercial design project, and thanks to your blog, I thought it important enough to turn over to see what Pensacola (McCoy) was speaking about today during my afternoon NPR listening, and he is what my radio announcing professors at UCF talk about when they make examples of radio personalities that have become so in love with their own voice, they develop an on-air language that would get them laughed at if they were carrying on a conversation with someone in the same room. He talks… but 90% of it isn’t really anything.. .its just words that he can use to fill the air with his voice. When he does take a phone call, if he doesn’t agree with them, he pulls a Hannity/Mark Levin and hangs up on them, sometimes insulting them first.

    I would love to go head-to-head with him on any issue. I don’t actually like my radio voice, but I would bear listening to it just to actually get another voice before his on WCOA.

  3. Dwight Stagner Says:

    Luke McCoy is a bitter, narrow minded old man who has seen little of the world beyond the environs of Pensacola. This limited vista comes through loud and clear each time he opens his mouth.
    As a former host of Pensacola Speaks (in the late 70’s) I can tell you that he totally morphed the program in to his own private bully pulpit – something it was never meant to be.
    As a broadcaster I am ashamed of him and of what he has pushed the program to become.
    Dwight Stagner
    Atlanta, GA

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