WCOA Pensacola speaks becomes Marty speaks

August 7, 2006


Marty admits that he met Quint Studer and proponents for the park – on December 28, 2004. He didn’t report it at the time.

He and Luke don’t like the fact that the park proponents lobbied the entire council. Although they don’t like planner Ray Gindroz – they are upset that higher costs may delay the construction of some components. Knowing if the components were included that they still wouldn’t support the park.

Then Marty talked about losing control because of the lease (forgetting to remind listeners that council approves all leases)- but then SOC has members are pushing selling all or part of the 30 acres -which the City would have no control at all

He sees himself and Luke McCoy as positive people and that Friends of the Waterfront Park as the negative ones.
Then Luke began to call CMP supporters ‘lapdogs’ and ‘bottom-feeders’. Said that the listeners may not like his opinion, but his opinion isn’t bought.


3 Responses to “WCOA Pensacola speaks becomes Marty speaks”

  1. GQ Styles Says:

    Luke went chicken today – he only let 4 calls get through to himself and Marty Donovan in the first hour; 5 in the second.

    Lukey Boy has turned the program into “Luke Speaks,” and tossed Pensacola out the window. I guess that’s what happens when you become bitter with life.

    The biggest sleaze moment was when Lukey Boy decided to smear the memory of Adm. Fetterman, Mayor Vince Whibbs, and the living US District Court Judge Lacey Collier.

    He flat out said that this deal has “under the table” aspects at 5:16 PM.

    Lukey Boy used implication and innuendo prior to that exact smear – typically – when he repeatedly described this as – this phrase is summation, not quote – that this is a shady, unethical deal.

    The question the SOC Nihilistic Horde and Lukey Boy must face is this: Would any of those three involve themselves, and then support, a shady, unethical deal, with “under the table” aspects?

    It’s a Yes or No question.

    We all know the answer is, “NO.”

    Lukey Boy knows darn good and well none of those people would do that. To say explicitly that there is an “under the table” aspect to this is sleazy to a new low.

    Judge Collier will be a watchdog everyone can trust to keep this all above board. Pity Lukey Boy doesn’t know how to acknowledge that there are people out here who don’t have to do anything they don’t truly believe is correct.

    Councilman Donovan spelled out his real problem: He doesn’t like the people leading this on a personal basis. So it is a personal thing for him, not a strictly business matter.

    Mr. Donovan’s worst moments – actually about 15 minutes of them in the second half hour – came when he outlined a full process to come up with going about putting together a park proposal now, after sitting silent for the past two years.

    But then that reinforces the first point about the underlying motivation about this opposition.

    Stay tuned, more tomorrow.

  2. Last place Says:

    It was apparent that Dono did not like the fact that he was the last council member to be petitioned by the CMP proponents. Luke then jumped on board as it was apparent that he was pissed that the CMP proponents went to the Pensacola News Journal instead of him.

  3. J. Jack Says:

    There used to be a time when stations like WCOA would carefully balance the pros and cons of any vital community issue, no more! Donno has been Luke McCoy’s ONLY guest several other times since the Stop Our City full blown anti-progess campaign began. McCoy picks and chooses his callers and when someone disputes his point of view he will insult them and cut them off.

    I have made it my business to listen to at least some of the McCoy Factor each day. Yesterday (Monday 8/07) he was especially polite believe it or not because he knew a lot of non-Luke Heads would be listening.

    McCoy has said several times in the past that the park deal is crooked; sleazy; designed to enrich Studer and Cavanaugh; and that UWF wants to take over downtown when they should be happy they exist at all. He usually then branches off into his favorite anti-UWF rant.

    As for smearing the memories of Fetterman and Whibbs, his official line is they would NOT endorse the plan now, I guess he broke out the official WASPO ouija board for that one!

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