Socialist candidate upset with Winners and Losers

August 7, 2006

GrumpyFrom: Florida Gubernatorial candidate Atlee Yarrow

Rick Outzen,

I have an auto search on several search engines which brings stories about

me into my email in box. I was surprised to note that you don’t run a

“think tank” for a news group and suggest next time that you do a favor to

all candidates; pick up the phone to find out what are the facts. I made

sure to publish the post on the official state website in open forum.

Hint: All candidates and their contact information are public information

at the Florida Division of Elections website. If you were really up on the

news your group think might have more facts than fiction to relate to the


Atlee Yarrow


Here’s what upset Atlee:

ATLEE YARROW (Socialist/Write-In) State Party Secretary & Printer
In the bio section of this website,, he describes himself as a former “ward of the state.” We don’t know what that means, but we did find his old blog,, that hasn’t been updated since June 2005. Lots a talk about Russia and his college history class in Jacksonville. Boring.

OMARI MUSA (Socialist Workers/Write-In) State Party Chair, Communist Organizer & Frequent Candidate
Obviously, there are communication issues with the socialists. Musa and Yarrow will definitely split the all-powerful socialist vote.

—-Winners & Losers, July 27, 2006

RO NOTE: Why is it that candidates get upset when we use their websites to find out about them? And we did check the Florida Elections Commission site – but it didn’t include Yarrow’s myspace page, for some reason.


3 Responses to “Socialist candidate upset with Winners and Losers”

  1. Atlee Yarrow Says:

    I would like to point out there are several forms of socialism and the red baiting eluded to was wrong. The Socialist Party of Florida is a democratic socialism system. My opinions are well noted on the state website at and it is openly free to the public. We view politics as an open and free system. There is no hiding or backdoor dealing. We do not advocate government invading of the home or homelife. Government provides a service and should never be in the home as it does now.

    The SWP candidate is a totally different party just as the SPF cannot use DEM even though we are part of the democratic process. It is for reasons like this I have started the Socialist Library Project, to educate on such matters. Did you take the time to also realize other socialist groupings in the state? Do your readers know that socialism has both a Left and Right? I could go on with the questions […]

    The out of context use of the term “ward” was an attack on my character. The fact is I was a homeless child for a short time who lived in foster care and halfway homes. There are thousands of children in such care in the state without a voice and little protection. I am now that voice as I have lived such a life firsthand.

    The one blog noted in your story was a college publishing blog. And as for your “some reason” why the other sites were not published on the Florida Division of Elections website; they do not ask for it. In fact they only have one line on the pdf. form (also on state website) to type in the campaign website only. If your think tank took more than what seems to have been a single lunch hour’s time to search or as stated before, call, they would have discovered much more. Instead you as the Editor let them “run with scissiors.”

  2. Rick Outzen Says:

    Damn, Duwayne. Not only does he run with scissors, he showers with an electric razor and won’t tie his shoelaces.

  3. Atlee Yarrow Says:

    I’ve never been known to back down with ease. Just try to fight with arms, the wit has been lost on your part.

    Stay away from repulsive ignorant wording that hurts those who do not have a voice or cannot defend themselves. I know I can defend myself. And now you have my full attention.

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