Santa Rosa County predictions

August 7, 2006

farmerGot a phone call from one of the more reliable political observers in Santa Rosa Co. Here are his predictions on the SR county races:

County Commission Winner: Bob Cole

Santa Rosa County School Board: Ed Gray, III Dist 5; Carolyn Wells McLaughlin Dist 3; Robert Smith Dist 1.
Circuit Judge Group 15 Dixie Dan Powell will make the run-off against Mike Schofield or Terry Ketchel.

Circuit Judge Group 23 Gary Bergosh – but will be tight Jeff Lewis is campaigning hard.

Circuit Judge Group 24 Ross Goodman

Sales Tax for Roads – will pass. However, commissioners need to look at rolling back millage.


One Response to “Santa Rosa County predictions”

  1. Mark Says:

    I personally know both men and can tell you with out hesitation, Terry Ketchel should be your choice for Circuit Judge. He is a man of integrity and morals and has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He has “truly” been practicing law more than twenty years while Mr. Powell has been saying since the campaign began, that he has more than twenty years of trial experience, but he did not pass the Florida bar until the Fall testing of the Bar in 1986. You can do the math. The Okaloosa County Attorney survey which is also very telling when so many attorneys had such negative feelings about Mr. Powell. Please consider your vote seriously. The position of Judge is a very important position where the Judge will make life decisions for people. Do we want the candidate with “Real Trial Experience” or real integrity.
    Oh, BTW, check and see how many Jury Trials this position had to handle last year. I think you will find you only need one hand to count it.
    Just my opinion for what its worth. Thanks

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