Marty and Charlie road show

August 7, 2006

green shirtPensacola city councilman Marty Donovan and SOC founder Charlie Fairchild were the speakers last week at Sub-West Rotary.

They hit hard on the RFP process and used the Romana St. bidding process as an example of how they believe it should work – Mr. Spock drops out of SOC.

They also brought up the emails – especially one by Miller Caldwell. My Analysis of SOC/Email; SOC:Email-Gate Part 2.

This is the Rotary Club of city council candidate Jerry Howard – who’s running against Mike DeSorbo. One member told me that if the member was over 70 years old that they were nodding their heads in approval.

Wayne Etheridge (retired city employee) really challenged Fairchild & Donovan. And the atmosphere did get a little testy.

Fairchild does well in front of groups of older white men. He didn’t tell that they should let him and others decide what’s best for the city or that they were too poor to live downtown.


6 Responses to “Marty and Charlie road show”

  1. Buck Hall Says:

    This is my Rotary club and these two didn’t have any visible supporters except Jerry. They alluded to the “it was a done deal done in secret” theory and I asked them point blank…”if you feel like this was done under the table and you have proof, why aren’t there any Sunshine charges being brought?” it’s a pretty serious allegation to make in my opinion and Marty had ZERO reply, while CAVE Man Charlie simply replied…”well, where there’s smoke there’s fire.” If I were one of 9 members who’s integrity is being questioned in public, I’d have some choice words for the Stop Our City folks.


  2. Stephen Kolokouris Says:

    While the same people Pensacola fight to slow progress, Mobile and Okaloosa march ahead gaining more distance between them and us.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If anybody would take a close look at the Romana RFP that SOC is using as a defense for the property value of Trillium, they would see that the bid that came in at $2 million was also dependent on the city building significant infrastructure (retention pond) on the soccer fields to the south. So, not only does the city have to put money into that deal, (rumored to be $1 million in infrastructure for retention) they also have to turn a park into a pond. Not exactly what SOC wants you to believe. Instead of getting $2 million for one parcel, the city nets approx. $1 million for two parcels. Ask Marty about it; he was one of the ones that heard the proposals.

  4. Rick Outzen Says:

    Innuendo, given with a smirk and wink, is the weapon of choice for Stop Our City – followed by personal attacks. Watch the SOC Blab show.

    It’s why several people backed out of running against Donovan.

  5. Joe Says:

    Does the “where there’s smoke there’s fire” logic still apply when they’re the ones manning the fog machine?

  6. Last place Says:

    Dono indicated that there was a lot of back door politics going on. I wonder how many back door handshakes and winks he has been involved in?

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