Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/7/06

August 7, 2006

Rick's Blog

Top 10 Posts for today:

  1. Todd says Intelligent Design is not about
  2. CC craps out with letter
  3. Marty and Charlie road show
  4. Sorry, Todd – You are a monkey’s uncle
  5. What has WCOA become?
  6. Hopkins wants City to Sale Trillium
  7. WCOA Pensacola speaks becomes Marty speaks
  8. SRIA quits posting board minutes
  9. Pensacola Sucks! Whatever
  10. Gannett buys FSU paper

2 Responses to “Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/7/06”

  1. glenda Says:

    Please view these two videos and check out the website that follows. Even if you do not agree with all of it, we all need to have a better grasp of what truly happened on 9/11/01 in the US, 3/11/04 in Spain, and 7/7/05 in the UK. We are looming closer and closer to being pulled into an even more disastrous war in the Middle East. Another terrorist attack in which the government is involved could easily be framed in such a way that rallies the people around a new war. However, the government could be deterred from faciliting a terrorist attack or could fail in their attempt to rallie the people, if enough people at least suspect government involvement in recent terrorist acts. So please share this with others if you feel compelled, as I do.

    documentary on 9/11

    documentary on western government terror

    Please remember this core fact in all of the debate over the events of 911. The total disintegration of the twin towers into dust and rubble within seconds is a mark of a controlled demolition, not a building pancaking. If the towers did in fact pancake, the end result would have been a stack of concrete floors.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Glenda…you’re (RO:edited). Here is a link to a point-by-point debunking of the most popular conspiracy theories out there.

    Read this article and then try and refute it. Good luck.

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