Hopkins wants City to Sale Trillium

August 6, 2006

angryToday’s viewpoint in the PNJ Viewpoint: Maritime park plan clearly a huge giveaway by the city – makes it clear that there are those in the Stop Our City camp that want to see the Trillium land sold to highest bidder. Such a sale would give the City and the citizens no control over the propery.

But there are other misstatements made by Mr. Hopkins:

The city granted CMPA a 60-year, one-dollar-per-year lease. The city will receive very little land rent and property tax income from private developments on the property.” RO: This is one of the most consistent lies by SOC. All private developments must sublease the land for fair market value. The Pensacola City Council will approve all leases. All sublease rents go to the City. All buildings built by private development will pay property taxes. Mr. Hopkins isn’t stating the real facts here.

The city will also provide the corporation with $40 million up front.” RO: City approves all construction contracts. Money is released to a non-profit corporation – Community Maritime Park Associates – as the bills are presented to the City for approval. CMPA’s sole purpose is to build and manage the park. Any excess funds (profits) from operations each year will be donated to local charities or go to an escrow account to maintain and repair the park.

“The city will borrow the $40 million and repay the debt over 30 years. Interest and principal repayments will total about $80 million.” RO: Mr. Hopkins was a banker. He made his fortune making loans and collecting interest. The loans helped build this city. Now loans are bad????

The city’s commitment probably will exceed $100 million when the property value is included. This is a developer’s dream: The city puts up the property and $40 million and turns the project over to the developers.” RO: The City maintains ownership. Neither John Cavanaugh or Quint Studer will be on the board of the CMPA. The City will appoint three of its own members and has considerable approval power of its decisions. Come on, Mr. Hopkins, tell the whole truth.

In short, Mr. Hopkins wants to subdivide the Trillium property – keep part as a public park (12 acres) – but have no mechanism to maintain it – which means 100% of those costs will born by the citizens.

The other 18 acres will be sold off – Although certain deed restrictions can be placed on the land, the City loses all control. We could end up with another gated community like Port Royal which offers little economic development to downtown. Mr. Hopkins has no facts to support his position the land would go from being worth $4 million to $30 million.

SOC and Luke McCoy say there is conspiracy to take over the Trillium land and make developers rich. They may be right – but it’s not Quint Studer and CMPA that they should be worried about. They need to look at who is in their own camp.


6 Responses to “Hopkins wants City to Sale Trillium”

  1. Charles King Says:

    The City of Pensacola would not spend less than $10,000.00 to identify 26 parcels of Taxpayer owned land along the shores of Bayou Texar as being City Property, and accessable to all residents!
    Taxpayers will gain minimum wage Tourist oriented jobs, and service jobs probably contracted to jobbers who may employ Illegal Wet Backs!
    We need more proposals, and will get them before this boondoggle happens!

  2. Joe Says:

    Has anyone else noticed how the Park opponents who post on this (or any other) site seem utterly incapable of reason or coherence?

    I had no idea the Park was the latest front in the War on “Wet Backs,” but I guess that’s what we get from Luke “WASPO” McCoy and his cronies. But wow, only $70,000? That’s an even better deal than I thought!

  3. Alice Says:

    “Taxpayers will gain minimum wage Tourist oriented jobs, and service jobs probably contracted to jobbers who may employ Illegal Wet Backs!”~Charles King

    -From Charles comment, I take it that SOS doesn’t welcome latinos.

  4. Dilligaf Says:

    You tell ’em, Rick. Calling E.W. a liar is a great way to influence people. He has done more for this community on his worst day than you will have done in your lifetime.
    [deleted second paragraph – Either be civil or change your medication]

  5. Alice Says:

    Has the Save Our City group become the new fight for white supremacy? It seems two of their supporters have made racial comments in regards to Latinos…and now Dilligaf in reference to African Americans.

  6. Rick Outzen Says:

    Stop Our City always reduces itself to personal attacks when it can’t present facts.

    I agree Mr. Hopkins has done a lot for the community, but so did Jack Fetterman and Vince Whibbs. And so have Judge Lacey Collier, Quint Studer and Mort O’Sullivan.

    However, Mr. Hopkins did make several misstatements. Either he hasn’t read the actually lease agreements or he is relying on half-truths given him by the SOC crew.

    Unlike “Dilligaf”, I’ve spoken directly with Mr. Hopkins about the Main Street Sewage Treatment plant and the park. You can call me anytime, buddy.
    I put my name on my comments.

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