County dumps on City again

August 5, 2006

viewfinderGeorge Touart, Escambia County administrator, has positioned the City of Pensacola into a corner on the ECAT budget (City may cut ECAT funding), and the PNJ helped him with this article. Once again the PNJ forgets to mention the Escambia Budget has a $31 million increase in property tax revenue.

Councilman Jack Nobles is correct. Taxpayers in Pensacola are paying twice – both with their City and County tax dollars. The City Commuters are county residents – which means 100% of the riders live in Escambia County

The trick to Escambia County politics is reading in between the lines. Of course, Touart accepted the ECAT funding recommendation – it only has him paying 68% of the ECAT budget.


One Response to “County dumps on City again”

  1. KK Casey Says:

    Of course the mullet wrapper helped him, where else are the people to be misled other than by the good ole PNJ. They are the judges, lawyer and jury on every single issue in Pensacola. The stories are all one sided, never telling the news and presenting both sides like most journalists and therefore, papers do. But, even a bigger question, can you tell me why? And how can they get by with it????

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