Studer Group/Covenant Hospice Alliance

August 4, 2006

newspaperThe Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to present Dale Knee, president of Covenant Hospice, as the speaker for the August Gopher Club Breakfast on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 7 to 8:30 a.m. at the Pensacola Civic Center.

Knee will be focusing on the Studer/Covenant Alliance and how a local hospice program became a national model. This will be an enlightening look into the world of palliative care and how Covenant partnered with the Studer Group to develop Excellence in End-of-Life Care.

RO Note: Irony – Stop Our City paints Quint Studer has a slick Yankee interloper. Yet here he is forming a partnership with the Covenant Hospice to help improve the care for the last days of the lives of many of the SOC members.

Could it be Studer isn’t the villian Marty Donovan, Melanie Nichols, Charlie Fairchild and the Stop Our City gang try to make him out to be?


One Response to “Studer Group/Covenant Hospice Alliance”

  1. Tim Mulroy Says:

    I think we all know that Mr. Studer is one of the most upstanding people in this community. Thanks Quint for all you do.

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