Stop Our City finances for July, 2006

August 4, 2006

angrySOC should have about $16,663.97 in the bank as of 7/28/06 based on their 8/4/06 campaign report – YTD Receipts of $49,769.26 less YTD checks $33,105.29. So why are they continually soliciting money from the few at their Tuesday meetings?

For July 2006, SOC raised $9453 and spent $2732.06. Charles Fairchild, Marty & Helene Donovan and Melanie Nichols made no contributions. Fairchild actually reimbursed himself for $63.75 in expenses. Last quarter: Fairchild contributed $1220 and reimbursed himself $425.33.

68% of the contributions were made by three people: Bill Smart ($5000), Christine Pfeiffer ($1000) and CC Elebash ($500).

The $2732.06 expenditures went primarily to Blab ($700) for Charlie, Marty and Melanie to appear; $1000 for rent; employee Renee Perry $336.60; and $237.50 for ad in Pensacola Voice.

F1 (7/1/2006 – 7/28/2006)


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