Corrections death – 2nd in 30 days

August 4, 2006

gunAugust 3, 2006

News Release # 06-0803-workrelease


Death Investigation  


The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is handling the death investigation of a 47-year-old white male at the county’s work release facility. He was transferred to the Escambia County Community Corrections Department, Work Release Program under administrative order for violating his probation (driving while license suspended) on July 25, 2006.  He was scheduled to complete his sentence on April 8, 2007. 


The Escambia County Community Corrections Department is cooperating fully with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.


Work-release inmate is found dead


Choice quote: Cushman had suffered medical difficulties Wednesday while working at University Auto Recyclers, Escambia Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mike Ward said.


This is the fifth death of a prisoner in less than a year.


Escambia Co. Jail: 3 – Boggan (Aug 2005), Bell (Nov 2005), Preyer (June 2006)


Escambia County Corrections: 2 Kimbrough (July 4, 2006), Cushman (August 3, 2006).


Is there some type of competition going on?





One Response to “Corrections death – 2nd in 30 days”

  1. KK Casey Says:

    As a community and a nation we should be horrified. If this happened in other countries with the frequency it does here , in our county and throught the USA, we would not tolerate it. Why does the dept. of corrections refuse to take a person’s medical records when they are checked in? Instead, they insist their doctors are the best? Why would they not want to even know? How callous and ignorant our system is.

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