Carol Rollo upset with Buzz

August 4, 2006

GrumpyThe following is a letter to us (which she emailed to all her friends) in response to an article printed by the Independent Sun (ro: News) The Buzz:

Letter to the Editor:

After calling, faxing, delivering, and emailing the Independent Sun (ro: News) and being met with complete indifference, I finally gave up trying to share pertinent information about Whitehead’s Toll Road. Now I see that you are publishing what you want about me and the road without giving me the courtesy of a telephone call (ro: Your email was widely broadcast and very clearly states your position. No phone call was necessary. Grover responds on I110 connector ) Had you done so, I think that your Buzz report would have been written a little differently. (ro: Not hardly)
Mr. Robinson responded to an email which I sent to those interested in defeating this TWO TIME LOSER of a road. Mr. Robinson’s response included contacting everyone I had contacted. I then sent him a detailed, documented email explaining the position of the United Home Owners Association – for which I do research- and why we are against this toll road. From that email began a short, lively exchange in which Mr. Robinson finally decided to stop the debate. – I wonder why? (ro:I don’t think you really want a debate, only capitulation)

Commissioner Banjanin’s current position for finding a viable, reasonable route that would solve the traffic problems not only for his District but for all of the county,(Rollo emphasis , not mine) is nothing new. He knows from experience that the proposed toll road that would connect to the I-10/I-110 interstate would not only destroy much of the residential and wetland area west of UWF, but do little to solve the congestion problems facing our county. In fact, pursuing this route only prolongs finding a real solution. Because the interests of our part of the county, what is best for all the county, and his position coincide, we support him and everyone else who sees the truth about why we don’t need to waste one more minute or one more penny of anybody’s money trying to make this route work. (Rollo emphasis , not mine)

We hope that all of the commissioners (again Rollo) will finally see how wasteful and foolish this route is and remove it from discussion. With all that we have found out -which I would have shared with the Independent Sun (ro: News) had you showed one iota of interest-, the chances of this toll road ever being built are zero to slim because it wasn’t feasible before – in more ways that I have time or space to list-, and is even less feasible now.

As for your “coverage,” it seems that lately the Independent Sun (ro: News) has become infected with what passes as news coverage in our area. I am sad to see you lose your edge by no longer being interested in reporting both sides of an issue. I am afraid that soon, you too, will only be a memory of what was, what could have been, but is no more. Just another mullet wrapper.

Carol Rollo

RO NOTE: There are bigger issues in the community than reopening the study of a toll road. For example, this week’s healthcare story Left Behind Part 1: Heathcare

We haven’t taken a position on the road. The Buzz item focused on how people outside District 4 were supporting a candidate whose position may be in conflict with his own district which shares the brunt of the north-south traffic problems.

Single issue politics are a step backwards. People’s lives are more important than roads.


2 Responses to “Carol Rollo upset with Buzz”

  1. KK Casey Says:

    Who cares, Banjanin never accomplished much-just look at his legislative record-. But then again, if he had accomplished much, he would be run out of town, like we do everyone who has done us good.

  2. Insider Says:

    Carol Rollo needs to get a life!!! Good lord woman, cool your jets. You cannot get your way all the time. Can you say control freaks anonymous?

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