Mr. Spock drops out of SOC

August 3, 2006


Mr. Spock of the Star Trek would never last through a Stop Our City meeting. The illogic would fry his Vulcan brain.

Case in Point: Some of the SOC folks are touting the CRA Request for Proposal for the property at 9th and Romana as a prime example of what good responses and competition the City would have received if we had done an “open” and “honest” RFP for the Trillium property.

However, they overlook significant differences:

  1. Romana-9th is a purchase – CMP: Lease
  2. The Five proposals received for Romana-9th were all developed in total secrecy. – SOC makes a big deal that CMP was discussed in private.
  3. There was no public input solicited for any of the 5 proposals on Romana-9th – CMP had over a dozen public hearings at their expense.
  4. Romana-9th has no public open space on the entire 2 acre parcel, except for sidewalks – CMP has public space.
  5. The property in ALL 5 proposals for Romana-9th is completely developed for private use. – CMP has significant public use.
  6. All profits from leasing or reselling property go to proposers – CMP land can’t be resold. All subleases for land go to the City.

One Response to “Mr. Spock drops out of SOC”

  1. […] They hit hard on the RFP process and used the Romana St. bidding process as an example of how they believe it should work – Mr. Spock drops out of SOC. […]

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