Martini Night Buzz – 8/2/06

August 3, 2006

MartiniGary Bergosh and his wife were there. Handing our freshly printed campaign material for his Circuit Judge campaign. Todd McWaters – area point man for the Rod Smith for Governer Campaign – stopped by to talk about Smith’s latest endorsements for the Florida Sheriff’s Association and the black community; and about Smith being in Crestview and Chipley this weekend. DeeDee Ritchie, Smith’s Esc. Co. campaign manager, made it, too.
Fred Levin, Papa Don and Kay Stephenson held court at a table with PNJ publisher Kevin Doyle. Tried to get over there to talk with him, but had my hands filled with other guests.

A lot of talk about the Community Maritime Park and this blog. The park will pass 65-35. The black community is strongly in favor of it. Many are tired of a vocal, selfish minority holding back Pensacola. It will show in the polls on Sept. 5.

The blog is being talked about everywhere. Many read several times a day. Had the first request to advertise on the blog.

Not just this one is being talked about, but also our dating/relationship one (Bitch’IN -look under the links section). It’s become addictive for some, too.

Expect to see Larry Johnson run for office in two years – He said the timing just wasn’t right to run against Marty Donovan this year.

Talk about Burn Lounge a new music download service that’s poised to replace iTunes as the #1 download service. More later on this.

Who will be Crist’s running mate? I still believe it will be Allan Bense from Panama City. But some made a strong agrument for someone from South Florida – “You have to Miami-Dade, Broward and Hillsborough countie to win.”

Also talk about the $31 million jump in property tax revenues for Escambia County and how the commissioners aren’t even talking about rolling back the millage rate. This will be an issue soon!


3 Responses to “Martini Night Buzz – 8/2/06”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    yeah, the black community is for the park! but “they” don’t pay taxes!

  2. Pensacola Pete Says:

    Hey anonymous, we all knew your were a racist, thanks for proving it.

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