Who is running Michael Speed?

August 2, 2006

cashRight before the deadline, Santa Rosa County School Board member Ed Gray, III, had an opponent file against him – Michael Speed.

Gray was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush to replace Jim Rigby who retired early in May 2002. He successfully ran for election that fall. Prior to serving on the School Board, Gray was the Mayor of Gulf Breeze (1984-92). He was the City president of Peoples First Bank before becoming the executive director of Gulf Breeze Financial Services (City of Gulf Breeze’s successful municipal bond program). On the School Board, Gray has a reputation of sound financial management.

Speed has deep roots in the Santa Rosa School system. I believe his father (or could be his grandfather) was the principal of Gulf Breeze Elementary School – actually when Gray was a student. However, his financial history isn’t as solid as Gray’s.

A review of the Santa Rosa and Escambia county court records revealed several civil cases and judgements against Speed:

Santa Rosa County Civil Cases

Case # 02000058CA 5/9/02 Banc of America Special Fin


Case# 02001501SC 2/27/03 Beard Equipment Company


Case # 01000983CC 12/5/01 Bayside Development Co. & Holley Dirt Co. $11,593.70+

2002926471 SPEED MICHAEL R 4843 1158 01/30/2002 FINAL JUDGMENT $11,593.70 PLUS

Case # 01000772CC 7/27/01 Cowin Equipment, Inc.


Escambia County Civil Cases

Case # 2002 CA 000256 2/1/02 Telco Of Florida Credit Union of Florida

2002969432 SPEED MICHAEL R 4911 407 05/29/2002 FINAL JUDGMENT TELCO of Florida Credit Union of Florida $22,296.19 FINAL JDG 2002 CA 000256

2002971536 SPEED MICHAEL R 4915 89 06/04/2002 FINAL JUDGMENT $12,985.23 CT I/22,920.53 CT II/4448.21 CT III 2002 CA 000256

2006015093 SPEED MICHAEL R 5839 664 02/15/2006 SATISFACTION OF JUDGMENT JUDG AMT $40,353.97 –  (Paid off Telco)

Case # 2001 CA 000098 1/11/01 Central Credit Union

2001828839 4684 1529 04/04/2001 FINAL JUDGMENT – Central Credit Union of Florida $16,326.61 PLUS 01 0098 CA 01 Grantee

2001836503 4696 699 04/27/2001 SATISFACTION OF JUDGMENT OR 4684 PG 1529 01 0098 CA 01 (Paid off CCU)


Appears most of the judgements have been paid off, except for the Bayside Development Co. & Holley Dirt Co. Santa Rosa County Commissioner Gordon Gooden owns those companies.

The big question is who is financing Speed’s campaign? His campaign finance reports will be interesting to see.






One Response to “Who is running Michael Speed?”

  1. Rusty Shakleford Says:

    Mr. Outzen, Here are some more facts…

    Nepotism should be Michael Speed’s middle name. You are correct, his father, Gray Speed was the first principal at GBES. His mother was one of the first teachers at GBES and another relative, Pat Bonner just retired from the secretary there in the past 5 years or so. His wife, Jan Speed teaches ESE at West Navarre Elementary, his daughter-in-law teaches Kindergarten there as well…oh yeah, his sister Anna Ratliff is the principal! Mrs. Ratliff’s husband Steve is one of the Assistant Superindendants under Johnny Rodgers!

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