WD Childers Mug Shot

August 2, 2006

lensThe State Prison system has set up his web page. We’re just awaiting the mug shot to be posted: http://www.dc.state.fl.us/ActiveInmates/detail.asp?Bookmark=1&From=list&SessionID=161768575

If the link doesn’t work, click on Offender Information Search. Enter first name Wyon, last name Childers.


One Response to “WD Childers Mug Shot”

  1. KK Casey Says:

    I am so glad W.D. got everything for this area while he was able to when he was in the legislature. People have short term memories and they forget that for 30 years he brought this area more than we had ever or will experience. My, what benefits did we reap. How well, do we fair under Peaden? Peaden’s door is never open the way W.D.’s was.
    He is unreachable, and could care less. We deserve what we get.

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