Stop Our City calling

August 2, 2006

green shirtThe Friends of the Waterfront Park have voicemail on their main phone line. Here’s a choice message from a Stop Our City supporter to the FWP line that they passed on. Stop Our City Calling

Points: “With everybody hiding who they are…” Hiding? Quint Studer, UWF Pres. Dr. John Cavanaugh, Judge Lacey Collier. Nobody’s hiding.

“Who will own the condos?….” What condos?

Who will own it?…” The City of Pensacola retains ownership of all the land. That’s why there is a lease.

Please read the lease agreement Master Lease Agreement (MLA)


One Response to “Stop Our City calling”

  1. Joe Says:

    “And by the way, we [the citizens of Pensacola] want to own it.”

    Yep, that pretty much sums up the average SOCer’s grasp of the plan. But I’m sure Charles and Marty will clear up all these misunderstandings in their next meeting…

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