Inside Stop Our City – Mad Hunter Tea, Part 7

August 2, 2006

pink vadarThere’s a new witch hunt – led by Melanie Nichols – to discredit Downtown Improvement Board executive director Kim Kimbrough. She’s surfing the net for attack material.

They’re working on a mailout piece. Believe the Stop Our City Cartoons –Stop Our City Video; Stop Our City Video – Part 2 ; STOP OUR CITY CARTOON, PART 3 – are helping (?) the Stop Our City effort.

They believe League of Women Voters will challenge the election if the Park wins – (RO Note: This could be their secret weapon).

Quote from the audience: I’m ultimately only concerned about my neighborhood. Im selfish, i want my neighborhood taken care of and forget downtown.” Comments were applauded

New point from Charlie Fairchild: …of the 90 best cities to live in 77 don’t have baseball stadiums. (see my Outtakes on what it takes to be a best place to live: Outtakes)

From Helene “Stay the Course” Donovan – wife of Councilman Marty Donovan: “I have never heard anyone with SOC attack anyone with CMPA personally.” Check out Melanie Nichols on Blab, Helene. Nichols swings at Studer

Best quote for Charile Fairchild: “Pensacola’s biggest needs are taking care of what we have, not trying to grow” (If that’s the case, then why did Fairchild sell his office building on South Palafox?)


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