Charlie just doesn’t get it

August 2, 2006

angryStop Our City needs to realize that sending founder Charles Fairchild to other groups isn’t helping their cause of stopping the Community Maritime Park.

When Charlie visited the Leadership Pensacola Class of 2006 in March, he told the group of mainly young leaders that decisions on the city’s future were best left to its elders, who he claims have the necessary wisdom and experience to make the right decisions. LeaP voted 46-1 in favor of the park. The Buzz

At Tuesday night’s Art Council meeting, Fairchild told the board that “I cannot see any way that this park would benefit the arts.” Ignoring that the maritime museum will very much be part of the Arts & Culture scene and the park affords itself plenty of green space for public art. Also he went on to insult the artists in the group by saying “We all know artists are poor and they won’t be able to afford to live downtown.”


4 Responses to “Charlie just doesn’t get it”

  1. GoSaveAnotherCity Says:


    Are there any planned public debates on this issue or at the very least, extensive coverage by any local media outlet? (besides yours.) You would think that PNJ or WEAR could devote some resources to hearing both sides of the story in a hopefully civilized manner sometime close to the actual vote so locals can be exposed to the issue in detail.

  2. Rick Outzen Says:

    We are partnering with WSRE TV to have a televised debate/forum on August 31. Three journalists (not me) will ask proponents from both sides questions. There will also be time for follow-up. Should be very informative.

  3. Jeff DeWeese Says:

    PNJ is planning a complete overview prior to the election as well as WEAR…Stay tuned

  4. Nick Bodkins Says:

    I am currently studying Public Administration at the University of Central Florida, and we learn about people like Charles Fairchild. He is one of the last of a dying breed that still subscribe to the system that says because you are older, you know more. Everyone in Pensacola can see where that has gotten us. The “millenial” generation’s leaders will be the first to come into society better educated in the sins and mistakes of the past, and we will be able to build on their mistakes. It doesn’t take a 60 year old to be able to determine fact from fiction. There is a reason why so many of us are moving away from the Pensacola area. We have found cities that embrace our generation’s creativity, and can grasp that our generation’s leaders have the ability to affect real change at every level of society. This CMP debate is a microcosm of what is going on in America. In the broadest sense it is the older generation resisting letting the younger generation take control.

    I’ve pondered what Save Our City is saving us from? Progress?.. maybe… we all know how people in Pensacola feel about progress. Jobs?… maybe… one wouldn’t want to make the thousands of people in Pensacola that live below the poverty level to have an opportunity to work in the entertainment/service field once the convention center and maratime museum is finished and ready for the enormous number of convention-goers the StuderGroup and others would bring in through out the year. When it all comes down to it… I think SOC thinks they are trying to save us from ourselves… because only Charles Fairchild and Marty Donovan and the others that have done SO MUCH to improve downtown and the entire Pensacola Area should make decisions… even if everyone else in the same positions as they don’t see it their way.

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