Letter from Middle East

August 1, 2006

EyeFrom Ed Acevedo – West Point grad and nephew of Pensacola resident Connie Acevedo

Yeah, lots of people think I am in the CIA. Well, if I am, I sure am doing a crappy job. Every place I visit, turns to s**t shortly after I get there.

I’ll put your favorite sister on here as well. Connie, we have a date at the Waffle House of your choice next time you are in Jax. I just love that place. Somehow, I am strangely comforted by all of those larger-than-life waitresses with missing teeth. Reminds me of a simpler Ameica. Too bad I missed the 50s.

Just spent 4 fascinating days in Jerusalem. So much to see and do, one of my all-time highlights, that’s for sure. I’m sure glad I got to visit before they blow it up again. It’s all here, even black Israeli soldiers. Ran into a whole bunch of them. Ethiopian Jews, who knew?

It really is humbling to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and so many other biblical and historical figures.

Israeli security did not like my passport to say the least.

Ever been in a casino when somebody wins the jackpot? Bells, whistles, sirens, flashing lights, heads turning. That’s kind of what happened when I handed my passport to the border official. All those funny stamps from Arab countries, not to mention the impeccable timing of my recent Lebanon/Syria trip. I hade a lot of explaining to do. When I told them I had been a US Army officer and that most of my work was related to the US Army’s reconstruction efforts in Iaq, they relaxed somewhat and removed their hands from their holsters. I told them “no problem, I wouldn’t let me in either”. Took me 6 hours to get through there and they did everything except the triple body cavity search.


See Ed’s letter on  Lebanon –Letter from Lebanon – sent by local


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