IN thoughts on WD Childers going to jail

August 1, 2006

From Duwayne Escobedo, IN Editor – who has covered WD Childers for us since 2001:

Childers going to jail reminds me of two comments. One came from Joe Elliott, the developer in the abandoned soccer and car lot deals, in the May 18 issue: “Mr. Childers never bribed. There was no collard green pot with money. The only one there was the one the state took (Willie Junior) out and bought.”

The other is from my last conversation with Childers at his trial in Crestview in April 2003 when he said: “Don’t talk to me about money. You know I didn’t give that son of a bitch (Junior) any money. I loaned money. When have I been on the end of a losing vote? Never. I’ve made worse investments, but I’ve always got my money back.”


2 Responses to “IN thoughts on WD Childers going to jail”

  1. Raymond Says:

    I think more will come of this. I don’t think he can do the time. I give him 30 days or so to get into the routine, and I think he will spill his guts about ALOT of other $$$ exchanges. I bet theres ALOT of pensacola/Escambia politians and moneymen holding thier breaths.

  2. KK Casey Says:

    I truly do not understand why someone does not “investigate” the state attorneys in this case. They take an oath, to uphold justice and yet they put on testimony that they know is perjury. They also conduct themselves in such an obvious manner about winning that they take the state’s witness out shopping for the pot? Where in the world would this be allowed? Surely, not the good old USA, home of the free. The state made up the whole scenario and their feet should be held to the fire. The truth was not presented. W.D was railroaded and the sooner we find out who did it, the better off our community will be. W.D. is a political prisoner in the good old USA. That is a scary thought!!!!

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