marty.jpg Marty “Bilbo” Donovan made it clear during the WSRE debate that he doesn’t like me or the Independent News. Forever the victim – Bilbo was upset the Independent News had never called him on the Vince Whibbs, Sr., Community Maritime Park.

Well, Bilbo,  why should we? We haven’t called any of the council members. We’ve read the public documents. We’ve attended your council meetings. We’ve listen to your rantings on WCOA and your BLAB show. Why should we call you? You ain’t that important.

Bilbo Donovan is a bully. We’ve caught him in his lies (Outtakes) and he doesn’t like it. He is accustom to saying whatever he wants and no one challenging him – not his fellow councilmen, the media or any one.

Tonight he said we called him a Nazi. We never did. A blog commentor did question the SOC choice of music for their BLAB show. Here is the exact post on Aug 21:

“The first and last time I watched the propaganda being dispensed on the SOC show, I was also struck by their choice of theme music. Wagner’s music was a favorite of Adolf Hitler. Much has been written about the influence Wagner’s music had on Hitler and the development of his nazi philosophy. It is an appropriate musical theme to instill fear and malign those you oppose.”

Message to Bilbo Donovan: Bigger and more important men than you have attacked me. I stand behind what I’ve written on the CMP.

In journalism, we earn gold stars for being attacked when we report the truth. You dodged the question from our editor, Duwayne Escobedo, tonight and instead went after me. You helped my reputation and that of this paper more than you realize.

PS Nobody likes a bully.

PSPS If you’re worried about Hitler references, shave the mustache.


“Raymond” is back

August 31, 2006

We’ve had to put the comment blockers back on the site. It may take a little longer for your comments to be posted.

Cox shutdown Raymond’s old account and apparently he is using an new IP address: The State attorney has taken over the investigation of this cyber-stalker. Records have been subpoenaed. We hope to have him arrested soon.

Sorry that you may have read his sick attacks.

INMA goes to College

August 31, 2006



PENSACOLA The University of West Florida Campus Activity Board and the “Independent News,” Pensacola’s alternative newsweekly, will host the Third Annual Independent News Music Awards Sept. 14 from 6 to 9 p.m. in the UWF Commons Auditorium, Building 22. The event is free and open to the public.


The music showcase, hosted by A.J. Fratto, “Rocker AJ,” will feature Endings Edge, 60 Cycles of Sound and headliner Glory of This. James Harrah, the former vocalist for Glory of This, will also give his final performance.


Now in its third year, the Independent News Music Awards (INMA) is a leading local music event, drawing thousands of fans over the past two years and establishing itself as a regional leader in showcasing local talent and emerging artists.


For more information, contact the UWF Campus Activity Board at (850) 474-2406 or visit the Independent News’ Web site at

Bsoc signUPDATE: Last minute panel change of participants for tonight’s
Maritime Park program

[Pensacola, FL August 31, 2006 1:15 pm CST] The participants in
tonight’s scheduled ‘live’ broadcast of a question and answer
forum with representatives from the Friends of the Waterfront Park and
the Save Our City groups has been changed.

Due to a family emergency, Charles Fairchild will not be appearing on
tonight’s program as previously scheduled. Instead, Tommy White will
join Marty Donovan to represent Save Our City, a group of citizens that
opposes the current community maritime park project.

Park proponents, Mort O’Sullivan and Quint Studer will represent the
Friends of the Waterfront Park group.

WSRE-TV’s live broadcast of this special one-hour broadcast of
Connecting the Community will air tonight, Thursday, August 31 at 7 p.m.
The broadcast will feature a question and answer forum from both sides
of the controversy taking questions from a panel of local journalists.

WSRE moderator Robin Woods will host the panel of journalists that will
ask fair and balanced, yet challenging questions to both sides. The
panel of journalist include: Carlton Proctor, Pensacola News Journal;
Duwayne Escobedo, Independent News; Dave Dunwoody, WUWF-FM Public Radio
and Dan Thomas, WEAR-TV.

The televised discussion will offer a final, comprehensive look at the
option of building a multi-use community park on Pensacola’s downtown
bay front, just days before city voters decide to approve or reject the
park development.

Pensacola residents will vote September 5 to support or strike down a
city council vote to create a maritime park located on a controversial
30 acre parcel of bay front property owned by the city.

EyeWe just happen to have a copy here.

PDF: Magaha suit

lensPensacola City Attorney John Fleming has responded to Tom Garner’s Letter to State Attorney Bill Eddins (Garner charges City Council broke law).

Here it is: Fleming letter

You get to read it here first.

8/30 Early Voting Totals

August 31, 2006

As of COB Wednesday:  3,779

David H. Stafford

Escambia County Supervisor of Elections

(850) 595-3900

screamingTo: Rick Outzen, Publisher Independent News

Mr. Outzen, It is the policy of the Pensacola News Journal to never allow the posting of its copyrighted materials — including articles and photos — on other Web sites.

We must request that you immediately remove any of our articles from the Independent News and subsidiary Web sites. We are making this request because of the publication of a 2002 article by Sheila Ingram: (Who is Tom Garner?)

You are welcome to provide links to the articles on the Pensacola News Journal site, as long as those articles remain on our servers. I would be happy to obtain those links for you.

Unfortunately the Sheila Ingram article is no longer on our servers. Thank you for your understanding and your immediate attention to this matter.

Mike Suchcicki,Online Editor Pensacola News Journal


RO Note: I’ve edited the post with instructions on how to read the article on West Florida Library website.


Dear Commissioner Banjanin:

I passed you on Creighton Road today and I should have stopped — in order to ask you a couple of questions.You were standing on gravel, just off the road shoulder in the middle of your urban district.

I will confess that I have campaigned with my friend Grover Robinson. But as I passed you, the questions in my mind were much larger than politics. I have noticed that City of Pensacola thoroughfares have proper curbs and sidewalks.

I also found that Florida DOT intersections (the ones with horizontal traffic lights) have proper curbs and sidewalks. As to my questions, why were you standing on gravel? Why can’t Escambia County build sidewalks to protect pedestrians? Do you have a plan for building sidewalks or do you think the status quo is acceptable?

Should the Florida DOT stop building intersection sidewalks if the county has no intention to continue the paths? Do you believe the lack of sidewalks has contributed to pedestrian/bicycle fatalities during your time on the County Commission?

Disclaimer: I tried to send this message through my account, but can’t get the thing to work. If you believe this is an inappropriate use of UWF email, I encourage you to complain to University administration.

I look forward to your response,

Richard R. Hawkins

newspaperFrom Miami Herald:


Crist keeps wide lead; Smith gains on Davis


Attorney General Charlie Crist’s formidable lead over Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher in the Republican primary for governor appears secure, according to a poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University, but with less than a week to go before Tuesday’s election, the race between the leading Democrats is still up for grabs.

Crist is ahead of Gallagher 57 to 32 percent, according to the Connecticut-based public opinion research group.

But the poll says the contest between U.S. Rep. Jim Davis and state Sen. Rod Smith is much tighter, with Davis leading 43-32 percent, while a substantial 24 percent of Democrats surveyed are still undecided. Among Republican voters, 12 percent say they have not made up their minds.

”The thing about undecideds is many of them often don’t vote,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, adding that many Democrats have ”not been inspired” by the Democratic candidates this year.

The poll showed that Crist’s lead includes voters who identify themselves as ”born-again or evangelical Christians.” Among Republicans, 45 percent describe themselves within that conservative subset, and among those voters, Crist leads Gallagher 53 to 38 percent, although that sample has a margin of error of 8.7 percentage points.

The university surveyed likely primary voters in Florida Aug. 23-28, including 317 Republicans and 312 Democrats. Because of the small sample, the poll had a margin of error of 5.5 percentage points.