PYP – Who are they?

July 31, 2006

pyp 1People are wondering who makes up the Pensacola Young Professionals. Here is an email from one who’s considering running for office in four years. To protected her identity, I’ve edited out the personal info.

“I was thinking about running for the District 2 seat because I agree completely with the points you made about previous (and current) candidates not having plans…and therefore not having any way to hold them accountable.

Other issues beyond what you mentioned for debate could be the following:

  • illegal aliens in the construction industry (means lower wages for legal citizens),
  • an overhaul of the Sheriff’s Department,
  • a west-side mall,
  • growth management to ensure environmental and economic sustainability.

My husband has agreed to me planning a run in 4 years; we have a 18 month old son who will be in kindergarten by then. This time frame will also give me more experience working in government; right now I’ve only worked for Santa Rosa (yes I live in Escambia) since April and have been in an entry-level position. Once I get my Master’s in December I will qualify for promotion.

I will need all the support I can find, so I appreciate your enthusiasm.”


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