Stop Our City ironies

July 29, 2006

coffeeThe biggest financial backer of SOC lives in a gated community that doesn’t allow public access to Pensacola Bay. Yet SOC says they’re for public access.

One of the founders of SOC sold his office building that was once in a belighted area that was renovated with Community Redevelopment dollars. Yet he wants to abolish the CRA for other property owners.

Another founder of SOC was the real estate agent for the sale of land next to the Trillium property. He didn’t recommend to the City that they buy the land instead so that the public could enjoy it.

Downtown Pensacola provides more sales tax dollars and fees to the general fund than the property taxes of any residential neighborhood. Yet SOC would want us to believe the neighbors are subsidizing the CRA and Downtown Pensacola.

SOC is upset about being criticized, but they have attacked and been negative for over a year. Check out their website. Listen to clips from their BLAB show that I’ve posted to this blog. Character assassination is a key component of their political campaign.

Every community in this country wants local investors – who care about the community and who will keep the dollars in the community. SOC wants outside investors – who manage from afar and will wire their revenues out of the area nightly.


One Response to “Stop Our City ironies”

  1. GoSaveAnotherCity Says:

    You’ve hit the nail exactly on the head…I can’t believe more people don’t realize the pure hypocrisy of Fairchild and Donovan’s positions on the CMP issue(s).

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the CRA have a major impact on revitalizing the area south of Main Street? And didn’t that revitalization allow private investors (or as Charile might call them, “greedy developers”) to be interested in Charlie’s burned down office building to the tune of $1.5 million? But somehow Charlie never managed to find his way over to City Hall and complain until after his share of the check cleared.

    And why didn’t Donovan, the chest beating advocate for waterfront access, suggest that the City buy the waterfront site next to Trillium? So he could broker it to his brother’s company instead and make commissions. Again, not a word about public access to the water until I’ve earned my money.

    Fairchild and Donovan say this whole issue is about greed and lining your own pockets at the public’s expense. I think their track record shows they couldn’t be more correct.

    Keep up the good work, Rick! The public needs to know…

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