Who gets more money than public healthcare?

July 28, 2006

viewfinderEscambia County budget for public health unit $398,993.

Animal Regulation & Control $1,221,676

Environmental Code Regulation $1,393,139

Custodial $1,203,862

Long Range Planning $1,000,745

County Attorney $1,475,963


8 Responses to “Who gets more money than public healthcare?”

  1. Raymond Says:

    If you want health care…. Pay for it, or get a job and EARN it. I do. “I” or “WE” should NOT be expected to pay for anyone elses health care. Thanks

  2. routzen Says:

    They are working – that’s the point. We have lower unemployment than anywhere else in the state. They can’t afford health insurance, and their employers don’t offer it.

  3. Raymond Says:

    Get a second job, like I had to , to put two son’s though college.

  4. Raymond Says:

    Whats the matter??? No smart a–ed comments? See that’s how MY Parents raised me, ….. WE WORKED harder to get MORE.!!! We didn’t put our hands out to ask for it for free…..Oh and before you come back with all the Grants and loans we must have gotten….. DIDn’t even apply, My boy’s eached worked 50+ hours a week, Plus school, as I worked 70+, so that we could pay for them to go to UWF. the same UWF who wants US to pay for them to help develope the waterfront to give my kids an ( as quint put it) an $11.00/hr job!!! WOW!

  5. routzen Says:

    You are a true testament to the American spirit. Your parents raised you well and obviously you passed those lessons on to your kids. I was raised in a very similar family. Not everyone has the same foundation unfortunately.

    We can leave them behind and let them get sick and die off or we can figure out how to help them.

    On wage issue: $11/hr is a starting point – not the end point. Right the average wage in Pensacola is $11.30/hr – which means a lot of people are way below that in the $6.40-7.00 range. We need to develop the waterfront to bring higher paying jobs. Doing nothing won’t improve things.

  6. Raymond Says:

    Thank you for your kind words.
    No we don’t leave them behind, but we also don’t just give it to them, MAKE them work.Stop handing everything to them. They will either work, or go somewhere else, either way, OUR problem is solved.
    And I’m not suggesting that we do nothing?!?? Haven’t you read anything I’ve posted?

  7. routzen Says:

    Right now we’re doing little or nothing. There is no program to help -even if they’re working. I agree 100% handout never works, but we need to do something. Tying healthcare assistance to work isn’t a bad idea.

  8. Raymond Says:

    OK,… I’ll conceide this one. But you can also use this very topic as YET another reason for not building all of that nice “touchy/feely” park stuff. Why not spend the $$ on health care for all of those hard working “victims”
    ( By the way, I know of NO “Hard worker” in this county w/o health care. I see alot of Lazy , Unwilling to work or to better themselve types w/o health care.

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