July 28, 2006

laughHere is the third video:

  • STOP OUR CITY – Part 3
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    14 Responses to “STOP OUR CITY CARTOON, PART 3”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Awesome. This blog is starting to look like a goldmine fof comedy. Tragic comedy, but funny nonetheless.

    2. routzen Says:

      We never run short of things to write about.

    3. Nancy R Says:

      I have to agree these cartoons are a comic tragedy!! It is a tragedy because it IS TRUE! Some of us under 60 want to see our area progress, while the others, like my Mother’s generation, want it to go back/stay the way it was in the 40s & 50s. I believe we can find a happy medium and the whibbs/Fetterman Park is an ideal way to start. It is a FAMILY friendly idea while being progressive. How can anyone argue that it is not a WIN-WIN situation??

    4. middle-aged professional Says:

      These are hilarious and right on. We need this park, so I can have something to enjoy in my retirement and live in a city that’s prospering, not decrepit and dying like the Stop Our City folks.

    5. Raymond Says:

      How about developing the property to create more than just “tourist” serving jobs?
      How about developing the port to handle shipping? This creates, merchant Marine jobs, dock workers, warehouse construction and workers, we have access to the southern most MAJOR east west trucking route(I-10), we would the be attractive to industry( Plenty of room in northern part of county). This would help keep our UWF graduate children here, instead of them having to leave to get more than $8.00/hr jobs serving tourists and earning quint and his cronies thier fortunes. Thanks

    6. routzen Says:

      Study the issue. The Community Maritime Park is a catalyst for more than tourism jobs. Studer isn’t getting rich from this proposal. He’s putting up $5 million.

      The Port is unfortunately landlocked by the historic district. There is no land to expand it and make it more competitive.

    7. Raymond Says:

      FIVE whole million dollars…. WOW!!!

    8. routzen Says:

      Plus any profits from baseball team and the Community Maritime Park operations will go to local charities. All property lease fees go to the City of Pensacola. Quint and his wife take no salary from the Pelicans or will they from CMP. Read the agreements they are on the City of Pensacola website.

    9. Raymond Says:

      WOW, MORE $$$ for charity!!!! Yeah!!!!, let’s keep fueling that welfare mentality!!! Just what we need here in Pensacola.
      Now that the “humor” is out of my system…. read what you just posted……Exactly my point, whats in it for him!!! YOU just “exposed” it all. If you are that closed minded that you can’t see that, then God help us if there are more out there like you.Thanks

    10. routzen Says:

      Welfare mentality? Past donations by Studer: $300000 for the Westgate Snoezelan Center – a public school center for autistic kids; a donation to restart the Special Olympics in Escambia County; a scholarship fund that awards a scholarship in every Escambia County high school.

      My closed mind has trouble seeing these donations as bad for Escambia County.

    11. GoSaveAnotherCity Says:

      Raymond said: ‘How about developing the property to create more than just “tourist” serving jobs?’

      I think the point of redevelopment is being missed if the focus is just on this single plot of land. You can’t develop a single piece of property to meet every need that Pensacola has. Instead, these guys are developing a project that brings people into downtown Pensacola. Once that happens, other development logically follows. Large companies are savvy…they go where people are. No matter if it’s retail, restaurant, hotel or small business, the pieces to complement this project will arrive when and if there are significant enough numbers of people visiting/living/playing in downtown Pensacola. Everybody acts like this is the only piece of property in downtown that can be developed, and therefore we have to jam every feasible idea on it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The correct way to look at redevelopment is to identify projects that bring people, and logically, redevelopment follows. There’s plenty of private property, and believe me, if we make parts of Pensacola attractive enough to bring folks into downtown, companies/businesses/restaurants, etc. will follow.

    12. Joe Says:

      “WOW, MORE $$$ for charity!!!! Yeah!!!!, let’s keep fueling that welfare mentality!!! Just what we need here in Pensacola.”

      My first thought: wow, what a jerk.

      “Exactly my point, whats in it for him!!! YOU just ‘exposed’ it all.”

      You had a point? I guess I must have missed it…

    13. Raymond Says:

      You still either fail, or are affraid to answer….”whats in it for him”??? By your origional statement, you expose the very question and concern of those on the opposed side. You either are unwilling to dig that far, or you know the answer, and also know if everyone else learns it, ALL would be against it. I know the answer Rick, I’m just seeing which it is on your part?? Ignorance, or fear??

    14. routzen Says:

      Neither. I’ve read the documents. Researched the issue. Then I made my decision in favor of the park proposal.

      I have no idea what the heck you’re talking about.

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