No foul on Park Financial

July 28, 2006

green shirtStop Our City wants all of us to believe the a big crime was committed by the Committee for the Community Maritime Park on its campaign finance reports.
We found the original report and the amended one that was filed 3 days later – Yes, that’s right three days later…something SOC conveniently fails to tell us (again more half-truths).

Here is the Report in PDF format – amended section is page 4. CMP report

Please note the Appleyard invoice wasn’t paid until 1/12/06 and monies had been deposited into the checking account prior to the payment being made. However, the expenses were incurred in December and Appleyard probably should have delivered the statement in December to CMP group. Then the Committee could have collected the necessary funds to pay the bill and cut the check in December.

As soon as the error (and there are those who believe no real error was made) was discovered, a good faith effort was made to correct it and the report was amended.

Remember it took nearly three months for Save Our City to amend its organization statement. Community Maritime Park did in three days.

AGAIN WHAT DOES THIS REALLY MATTER? We’re fighting for the future of this community.


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