Healthcare for some

July 28, 2006

shockThe Escambia County 2005-06 budget includes $398, 993 for Public Health Unit.

However, for its own employees, the County is spending $6,617,100 for life and health insurance. This doesn’t include constitutional offices, like sheriff and tax collector.

$398,993 for the public for 18000 vs. $6,617,100 for the county’s 1168 employees.


2 Responses to “Healthcare for some”

  1. Raymond Says:

    Solution!!!….. Get a county job. They are VERY easy to get. There is a high turn around rate in them. When these jobs are filled, the people getting them are only expecting to have to give maybe a good hard 15 hours worth of work for thier 40 hours on the clock. The count expects about 30 out of them….. Hence high turn around and a VERY inefficient county.

  2. Raymond Says:

    No Takers?

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