Escambia Co. has Highest Tax Rate. Thanks, TomKat

July 28, 2006

lensCommissioner Tom Banjanin bragged at the PYP Political Forum that he has worked hard for the past 12 years to keep property taxes down. That may be true, but TomKat isn’t telling you that the Esc. Co. millage rate is the second highest in the state. Only Duval is higher and it has merged its county and city (Jacksonville) governments.

Of Top 20 Most Populated Counties:

  1. Duval 9.8398 (merged county w/Jacksonville)
  2. Escambia 8.756
  3. Leon 8.55
  4. Pasco 8.282

Source: 2004 Florida Statistical Abstract & Florida Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Revenue.


One Response to “Escambia Co. has Highest Tax Rate. Thanks, TomKat”

  1. Raymond Says:

    How else do you expect them to get the $$ to pay $124,000 + for 6 surveys on a 1 mile long drainage ditch, that they have been promising to fill in since 1974??? Even mike windbag has said it’s already fixed?

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