Taxman cometh

July 27, 2006

coffeeExpect most county and city governments to rollback property taxes. Pensacola will most likely vote to do so tonight – even Marty Donovan might vote with the majority this time. Gulf Breeze is contemplating doing the same thing. I expect Banjanin to push for the same – especially as Grover Robinson’s campaign gathers momentum.

In the future, property taxes may become less popular as the foundation for funding local governments. There are moves in the state legislature to limit property tax increases. There is an inequity in the current system.

A family who has bought house in the past two years is paying property tax on the high value that they paid for the home. Meanwhile their neighbor can have the exact same size and style home which they bought 10 years ago – their assessed value is less and their tax bill may be thousands less.

Two homes – same size, age and style – two much different property tax bills. Is this fair?

What you may see is for local governments to reduce property taxes and start imposing other taxes and fees for services – such as public service fees or higher communication taxes.


3 Responses to “Taxman cometh”

  1. WanderingHoo Says:

    Limiting assesment increases to 3% a year has led to this disparity. What you now have is a case where new people moving in to the area, first time homebuyers and growing families are subsidizing the tax bills for longer term residents, empty nesters and the like.

    Rising insurance costs, construction costs, tax assesments, interst rates and property values have combined to create a perfect storm on a dramatic scale that can quickly lead to a real crisis in housing throughout the state.

    Though I doubt many have the political will to say so, perhaps Florida should re-examine it’s lack of an income tax before homeownership becomes unattainable for any more of our working families.

  2. Raymond Says:

    Oh there we go, Tax someone based on income! Great, because I work 70+ hours a week to have nice things, I should pay more in taxes so that some bum can sit on his front porch, play dominos and drink beer??? That sounds Great!!
    How about this,… Those who consume pay the taxes??? That way if you are hard working and frugle, you benifit….. ( it’s call capitalism!!) and no it’s not for everyone, only WINNERS!!! But I guess alot of you “soccer watchers” have forgotten about winning and Losing. ( no there is no second place, if you are not on the team that wins, you are on the team that losses) use to mean something in this country before men like demming came along.

  3. Bill Dalton Says:

    Notice of Proposed Taxes , Santa Rosa County Taxing Authorities: My notice reads from 129,712 to 174,101! This adds over 43,000 increase in tax evaluation on my home from last year to this year. Maybe I’m near-sighted or just plain blind but I’m having problems seeing a tax rollback as suggested in this blog. Am I missing the point or getting blindsided?

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