Steve K corrects Outtakes column

July 27, 2006

Steve is running for Pensacola City Council , District 2. Here is the link to my Outtakes column:
Outtakes 7/28/06



I know you were probably asleep by then, but I mentioned the 34 percent of Blacks in Pensacola living below the poverty line in my last question of the forum. The bread and butter of my campaign is addressing the poverty issue in this city by bringing in better jobs for people.


Northwest Florida Technology Consultants, Inc.

Stephen Kolokouris
President (850) 206-4114 Pensacola;
(251) 650-4271 Mobile

RO NOTE: I wasn’t asleep. I was just shutting my eyes while I was thinking. 


30 Responses to “Steve K corrects Outtakes column”

  1. Raymond Says:

    Steve, you fail to realize that a LARGE part of those mentioned are 5th and 6st generation welfare, They DON’t WANT to work. They enjoy the way they live….. This will be a hard pill to swallow and it’s not going to be very P.C……. But lets look at this example VERY open minded and BROAD.
    Example, each and EVERY time they take over a nieghborhood, it becomes a HOOD, houses get run down, tax base goes down, houses run down, tax base runs down, services dry up, tax base goes down, property value goes down , tax base goes down, less services…ETC…., Then you have to bring the yuppies in with $$ to try to rebuild, and it starts all over again! ALL of what I just said is FACT, there is NO racism ment, included or intended….

  2. Raymond Says:

    I knew this would be too dicey for any of you to address.

  3. WanderingHoo Says:

    Racist nutjobs seldom warrant a response.

  4. Jim Barnett Says:

    What is this, the Raymond Blog now?

  5. CG Price Says:

    Raymond,you ARE a racist nut-job, no doubt about it. If you can’t see that, than God help you. Your comments above, about neighborhoods becoming HOODS when THEY move in and how THEY don’t want to work are vile.

    You have shown your true colors and I doubt seriously anyone will ever take you seriously again.

  6. Donna M. Says:

    Let’s buy Raymond a new set of white sheets and a one-way ticket out of town.

  7. Raymond Says:

    Point out one sentance that is NOT a fact? You can’t. You are the ones that are SAD. FYI, I don’t hide behind awhite sheet, like you.

  8. WanderingHoo Says:

    How ’bout this one…

    “ALL of what I just said is FACT, there is NO racism ment, included or intended”

  9. Raymond Says:

    That is a fact also, prove it other wise. No you can’t, you are too affraid to face the truth. As long as you keep your head buried in the sand, your pockets will keep being picked.

  10. Courtney Says:

    Raymond, it sounds like you have put words in Steve’s mouth. Just because Steve wants to address the poverty issue doesn’t mean he wants to create jobs. Nor does he want to hand out money as you seem to think. He wants to “bring in better jobs” as he plainly said. How could you possibly have mistaken that for anything else?

  11. routzen Says:

    You are confusing your opinion with facts. Because you believe it or write it doesn’t make your statements facts. You haven’t provided this blog with one shred of evidence. You use your personal experiences as support for your opinions, but little else. Then you bait the others reader into disproving your opinions. You are convinced the poverty is caused by people not wanting to work. Give us a study or some report that supports your belief – then we will be talking about facts

    Rick Outzen

  12. Raymond Says:

    Rick, I’ll make it even easier than that, Take a stroll down Cervantes, Turn on to jackson, say around W st, then go down Jackson to it runs out. Do it around 1100, the again at 2100 ( I dare you to go unarmed at 2100). Then get back with me.
    Courtney, Finally someone who ALMOST gets it.I didn’t mistake what he said, In theory it sounds great, And I would and will be all for it, but show me ONE place in America that this has been tried and worked?

  13. J Says:

    Now before everybody goes freaking out, let me state that this is not in any way meant to be a defense of Raymond’s opinion. I agree with Rick that without studies and some hard evidence, opinion, regardless of it’s merit, is only opinion. However, I do want to say that, if poverty, especially among minorities, is ever going to be addressed in any meaningful way, people are going to have to get thicker skin when the subject of race comes up. Granted, Raymond’s statements were sweeping generalities and shouldn’t be considered as a basis for anything. However, for everyone to jump on the “white sheet” bandwagon is just as wrong and only serves as a hindrance to progress. I’m sure Raymond isn’t any more a “white-sheet” guy than every black person longs to be a 5th generation welfare recipient. Statements such as those made by Raymond turn these incredibly complex socio-economic issues into over-simplified and uninformed rabble.
    Are there problems in the black community? Absolutely. Are those problems in some part caused by a highly flawed social structure? Very much so.
    Problems aren’t solved by name calling and stereotyping. If any of you truly want to address the issue, I’m sure Steve, Rick or anyone else would be happy to discuss it in a civilized way, complete with verified information, statistics, etc…
    Any takers?

  14. WanderingHoo Says:

    J – your post is the polar opposite of Raymond’s. There is much to be gained from a rational and civilized examination of the causes, effects and cures of poverty.

    On the other hand, there is nothing to be gained in using sweeping generations to blame the victims.

  15. Raymond Says:

    Well J got what I was trying to spark up. But Wander??? These people are NOT victims, by calling them that and treating them that way is the reason thier where they are at. I’m going to generalize here BUT,How much MORE do WE need to give them??? How much MORE of a already lop sided playing feild do they need??
    My children go to school with thiers, same class, same teachers, Yet mine are doing great! WHY??? It’s time to stop the nonsense and start holding people accountable for thier own actions.

  16. WanderingHoo Says:

    Oh, they’re victims alright….

    A single parent of two young children working full-time in a minimum wage job for a year would make $10,712 before taxes – more than $4,300 below the poverty line.

    The number of Americans living in poverty has grown significantly in in recent years, swelling to 37 million people in 2005 – nearly one out of every eight people in the United States. Poverty’s rise to 12.7% of the total population represented an additional 7 million people falling into poverty since 2000.

    The playing field is lopsided – but in the other direction. The richest are getting richer still, while more and more Americans slip into poverty.

  17. Raymond Says:

    Wrong. 1. who caused that person to be a single parent?? NOT me. That was a personal choice.
    2. Sometimes these folks aren’t even worth MIN wage. Ever dealt w/ someone with a REAL sh1tty attitude a Mcdonalds?? I have. Get yourself qualified to earn more( MIN wage was NEVER set so that someone could spend thier whole life there!! Maybe in your realm, but NOT mine)
    3.You forgot to mention that this same person does NOT pay taxes, that inFACT they qualifiy for EARNED INCOME CREDIT ()WELFARE().Money they NEVER earned( BUT someone else did)
    4. Swelling population going into poverty is directly proportional to the GROWING give away programs. IE… We are teaching AMERICANS that they can sit on thier porches and the government will take care of them…. But you forgot one thing… The Government doesn’t have any $$$, It’s ours!

  18. Merry Says:

    An interesting book on welfare is _American Dream_ by Jason DeParle, which is a very thoughtful and personal look at the impact of the welfare reform bill on the lives of three African American single mothers who are put out of the welfare system in Milwaukee. Its subject should challenge us not to think in broad generalizations. One of the women who finds a job finds herself really not much better off than when she was on welfare. Her salary had increased, but she was paying 60% of her income for shelter (that is unacceptable), plus she no longer had insurance, although she was working as a nurse’s aide. Just to look at some documented scenarios…

  19. J Says:

    Just for my own benefit, please explain to me who you are talking about when you say “THEY” and “THEM” and so on. Are you talking about black people? All black people? All poor people? All poor black people? All black people in a particular part of town? Some black people?
    Do you honestly believe that every single poor person is poor because they don’t want to work? Do you honestly believe that your taxes would be any less if welfare programs were to cease? Look at the budget (State and Federal) and tell me what percentage of the money spent by our government goes toward transfer payments (welfare)?
    In the interest of time, or just in case you don’t feel like doing it, I’ll tell you here that it’s a very, very small percentage. I’ll grant you that there are many social programs for the poor(mostly health related) that use government money but your beef seems to be with welfare. As a matter of pure economics, welfare is a drop in the financial bucket.
    So, you assert that the 30% of unemployed blacks in and around the area are unemployed because living on welfare is much more attractive. While this may be the case for a few, it’s hard to imagine it to be the case for all. So, I challenge you to prove your theory. Go into these “HOODS” as you call them, and talk to people. I’ll bet that you won’t have the same negative stereotypes when you come out.
    Hell, hit me up on this blog and I’ll go with you.

  20. WanderingHoo Says:

    And here we have the proof of my original post on this thread.


  21. routzen Says:

    Both the federal and state governments have cut spending on healthcare. The state government spends less on the healthcare of children each year.

    The one program that was proven to make a difference in poor neighborhoods- Head Start- has been cut drastically by the federal government.

    Meanwhile in 2005 we give the oil industry $14 billion in incentives as part of the 2005 Energy Bill – yet our gas prices have risen nearly $1 to $3.00 since the law was passed and oil companies have record profits.

    The problem is more than just welfare for the poor. And how about medicare for the elderly? They’re taking out of the system much more than they put in. Shouldn’t we put them back to work and make them pay for their doctor bills? They’re living longer than anybody expected.

    And those damn farmers are getting paid not to grow crops. We’ve got to stop that, too.

    The point is subsidies are all around us. I disagree with the priorities of the local, state and federal government. Some assistance programs have a proven records of working, some haven’t been held accountable.

    Clearly, what we’re doing isn’t working in Escambia County.

    And, by the way, our reporters visited the Escambia Clinic (our public health clinic) – the vast majority of the patients were white.

  22. Raymond Says:

    No They and Them do NOT mean blacks. I know that that disappoints some of you.I have been in those Hoods, and talked with more of them than I care to. yes i was once again generalizing, BUT until you can see that , the question cannot start to be disected. You don’t get a job done by starting in the middle.
    ( No I don’t believe ever single one of them feel that way)But like stated we got to start at one end of the problem and work it through.

  23. Joe Says:

    The only thing better than a racist redneck is a racist redneck without a shred of intellectual honesty. Ray sez: “No They and Them do NO mean blacks.” Oh, really? You were the first person to comment on a post regarding the “34 percent of blacks living below the poverty line,” to which you responded that “a LARGE part of those mentioned are 5th and 6st generation welfare, They DON’t WANT to work. They enjoy the way they live.” Then, when confronted about the blatant racism, you retorted (in your usual eloquence), “Just because the TRUTH is not pleasant does not mean it is racist.” But along comes someone with an easy exit, and you took it. “What, you thought I was talking about BLACK people? Oh, how ridiculous!”

    Rest assured, Ray, you’re a racist. How can I make such a bold claim? You’re constantly going on about the “generations of welfare” who lazily “sit on thier porches” (a common slur for blacks), waiting to collect those fat government checks. You’re living with a 20-year-old phobia, still chasing after Reagan’s apocryphal “welfare queen in her welfare Cadillac,” but guess what — she doesn’t exist. Welfare and other government “handouts” are barely enough to make ends meet, let alone buy (as you claim) “thier cell phones, satelite dishes, new cars, T.V.’s, microwaves, dvd players, cd players, sterios, Refridgerators,” etc. You know nothing about any of these people, their situations or histories. So, I’m guessing you see a black man in a nice car, or enjoying some other modern amenity, and immediately assume he’s living off welfare financed by “your” tax dollars. Is that a fair bet — or am I generalizing? (And anyway, like Rick mentioned, social programs are tiny drops in the bucket compared to other government subsidies. Why aren’t you this mad about the tens of billions of dollars being spent EACH YEAR on Cold War-era weapon systems that STILL don’t work?)

    You’ve never produced any facts to support your various assertions — in this or any other discussion to which I’ve been privy. Just mindless repetition: that’s what we’ve come to expect from good ol’ “Racist Ray.”

    “Racist Ray”… it’s got a nice ring to it, don’tcha think?

  24. Raymond Says:

    First, you must be from the North Joe, Because they are the ONLY ones that are disrespectful enough to assume to use the nickname version of a Surname.
    Second , only YOU and the Others that posted against me have said ANYTHING about race????
    third, are you willing to walk the area I mentioned at 2100, …unarmed???? Didn’t think so.

  25. Joe Says:

    Nope — I’m a Southern boy, Pensacola born and bred. I assumed Raymond was your first name. Would you prefer “Mr. Racist Raymond, Esquire”? (And anyway, who are you to lecture anyone on respect?)

    Second, let me reiterate: you commented on a post regarding poor African-Americans, scolding “those mentioned” for being chronic welfare recipients, and even adding a disclaimer that “ALL of what I just said is FACT, there is NO racism ment.” So yeah, I’d say you were talking specifically about blacks.

    Third, I live by the railroad tracks in a frequently-disparaged, low-income area of the city (you might call it a “HOOD”), and I’ve never had any cause for complaint. Believe it or not, not all black and/or poor people are packing ordnance.

    Finally, I’m still waiting for those facts (pesky things, I know…) to back up your “case” (such as it is).

  26. Raymond Says:

    BUT do you have the Balls to walk the walk that i mentioned???

  27. Joe Says:

    Blah blah blah. Yes. Now what else ya got?

    Still no facts, I notice.

  28. Raymond Says:

    I have the facts. But YOU, just like a lib are either to lazy/ignorant/or down right AFFRAID to search for them yourself. The “as long as I don’t see it, it’s not happening” mentallity i another factor that is stragling this country.
    And Joe, whens the last time you went into the Gov built projects on Cervantes??… They DO have all of the things I listed( FACT) There ARE many ablebodied men standing around(FACT)Stand in line behind thet and watch what they buy with your tax $$$. (fact), you want anymore, look them up for yourself.

  29. Rick Outzen Says:

    Your observations are your observations. They can’t be disproved because that’s what you saw. We CAN debate you’re analysis of your observations.

    Even then, your observations are insufficient to label an entire group of people as lazy and worthless. Your solutions of telling them to move or work harder don’t work.

    But it’s easy to dismiss the poor – label them as worthless – continue to let them get sick – and die off.

    You’re comfortable doing that. I’m not. Right now you’re winning because that’s just what Escambia County is doing.

  30. Raymond Says:

    I see if much different. Escambia county has a VERY easy to abuse social system( why do you think there are so many…..? ) Oh hell you will all take this the wrong way anyway, so no More P.C., Illegal Mexicans, New orleans refugees, and other assorted deadbeats, ALL on assistance. It’s Easy thats why. WE give FAR to much away here, and once on it, it’s even easier to stay on it…. Are you all that nieve???

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