Dammit, why cant we be first in something good?

July 27, 2006

Grumpy“In Escambia County, about 60 percent of the 168 key health issues that were studied were worse than state averages and counties with similar demographics and socioeconomics.”

Escambia County is suppose to be a health mecca with three first-class hospitals. Yet our residents are sicker!

The hospitals are great, but we can’t give our poorest citizens the healthcare they need.

Escambia County 2005-06 budget for health care is about $300,000 – which is about it’s projected budget for the Perdido Key Beach mouse.

We can’t tout our healthcare system when we’re below the state averages.


14 Responses to “Dammit, why cant we be first in something good?”

  1. Richard Walker Says:

    County improvement requires its people to think about alternatives, compromise on differences without putting improvement in danger and select a final alternative that will actually result in improvement. You ask why Escambia county can’t be first in something good? Our people currently don’t think. Readers of the “Independent News” are not the “non-thinkers.” They may be for something; they may be against something; they don’t hesitate to let you know which. Unfortunately what is written here could be defined as “preaching to the choir.” Our words result in little or no change. The majority around us “do not think.” They merely conform, like puppets, to whatever their precious political party or church dictates and label everyone else the enemy. It has worked for years — and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

  2. Lilyana Betancourt Says:

    My sincere thanks to Richard Walker for calling it as it really is… “the majority of people around us don’t think, and the rest simply don’t care because they have what is necessary to cover their medical/health needs…but.. that is until the day comes when they may need healthcare and they cannot afford to pay for it, nor they have a 100% dependable and trustable health insurance plan that will cover all medical treatment expenses, which today runs into thousands of dollars for a simple appendix surgery… Could you imagine cancer treatment, or other serious ailment, specially when the daily cost for a semi-private room in a hospital could be over $1,500.00 – just like a luxury hotel? This is without covering the Doctor’s fees… medications, labs, x-rays, CT Scans… etc. Have you ever imagined paying $20.00 for an aspirin?

    The best thing any County could do to help all their citizens, is to build a Public Hospital, which would serve all County residents at no cost. Funds will come out like any other funds from the taxes that we all pay. The government would only have to create a joint venture with two or three State or Private Universities to recruit the student doctors, nurses and medical technicians, who are looking for a facility to hold their practice before they graduate. I know many in my country that after graduation they have kept their jobs and become head surgeons, specialists and super responsible professionals who don’t care if the patients are poor or rich, they just perform their duties as they promised they would, when they consented under the Hypocrates Oath, that they would heal the wounded and care for the sick, with or without being economically remunerated.

    Somebody has to push this issue… Maybe you can start the ball running Richard… Be the Leader. The people of Escambia and all the other Counties in Pensacola will have to move, react, and follow a determined leader when they are convinced that this is the way to GO. It’s about time people wake up to this reality… We need medical facilities, human resources and funds to accept this enormous challenge. If we all work together we can do it! Now is the time for us to demonstrate our sensibility for the poor and the needy, the elders, the handicapped, the mentally ill, the abandoned, the homeless, Lets show the world what America is really made of… that we care for our own people… that we bravely defend our people rights to live a decent and healthy life. Let’s follow the same example our ancestors gave our previous generations, when they bravely colonized the great wilderness of the American Continent hundreds of years ago, almost empty handed.

    Please…Richard Walker, I urge you to take the first step forward and start making things change…Maybe Rick Outzen can give you a hand with getting the word around and build up some conscience in the communities… Spread the word… try to hold meetings… in churches, schools, in parks… talk to your Congressmen, your politicians… your County Commissioners, try to get them proactively involved… I am sure people will follow… I have not lost my hope and trust in my people yet… I know they will respond to your plea for their support and action.

    God Bless you and give you the sensibility and stength to follow the path to success in all your future endeavors. On behalf of all the poor and needy people of this Country… THANK YOU.

  3. Raymond Says:

    Back in your country??? You mean your NOT an American…… Then get lost, we don’t need or want lessons from the rest of the world, we already have enough interferance from the UN. If you don’t want to call THIS your country, then your opinions can stay in that dark place that the sun doesn’t shine. WE are the GREATEST country on this Planet…. But if we keep listening to Liberal bedwetters we WILL wind up as the Roman empire.

  4. WanderingHoo Says:


    Sorry about Raymond. He’s just an angry racist with more time and bandwidth than sense. Pay him no mind.

  5. Raymond Says:

    Oh boy, another “european” want a be!!! When and why did your family come here wanderinghoo?

  6. Joe Says:

    I’m starting to think “Raymond” is really just a poorly-programmed spambot unleased by opponents of the Maritime Park (and civilized society in general) to disrupt this blog.

    I can’t believe I didn’t put it together sooner. “He” certainly wouldn’t pass the Turing test.

  7. WanderingHoo Says:

    My family settled in Virginia in 1632 to make a new start free from ignorance and intolerance. I see there is still work to be done. When did you crawl out from under your bridge, troll?

  8. Raymond Says:

    Ah,,, 1632, then that explains you.Your one of those that have had it too good for too long and feel guilty about it( among other things) Mine came here in 1925, because they wanted to get away from european socialism, and Government interferance in thier lives. There was no way to become a property owner or break out of a social class unless you were born into it. But you see , in AMERICA, those who work hard are the ones that are rewarded. Pretty neat concept, until the system starts filling up with those that can’t/won’t try to keep up and work hard. Guess our fore fathers never thought that “those” types would start to out number US. And that some of US would become too “sensative”, thinskinned , and weak to keep the drve going. If you are so asshamed of being an American maybe you could move to…..Mexico, I here thier population is declining everyday.

  9. WanderingHoo Says:

    I need to start taking my own advice.

  10. Raymond Says:

    See what all that New England inbreed does to yah?

  11. Lilyana Betancourt Says:

    Wandering Who… I take Raymond for what he is worth! Apparently he doesn’t have any respect for anybody nor love for his fellow men! Maybe someday life will teach him different, but the problem we are facing is very serious and needs proactive people, who care to really work hard towards solving it. Raymond talks too much… but I don’t see any creative ideas coming out his sick brain. I am from Puerto Rico, and I am proud to be an American Citizen. We are a Commonwealth and have our own Constitution, which runs parallel to the American Constitution… So… maybe Raymond should read more history and stop making the nasty comments without offering intelligent alternatives for the solution of this serious problem that faces Escambia. Even if I didn’t have family here, I would still fight for injustices, which since I got here I have seen plenty of, specially with the poor people, the mentally ill patients deaths at the county jails, the eviction of the elders, sick and seriously handicapped people from Morris Court Housing Project… If you would comment and offer solutions to these problems, I would feel I owe you some respect… but up to now… Raymond… I can only pitty you and pray that God will put some peace in your mind, heart and soul, for we only live once, and by the way things are going the end is getting closer and closer. May God bless you and your family. I hope that you will change your hatred for love and offer your helping hand to those in need, whoever they may be.

    FYI I am an American citizen and I am very proud of being one. But, at the same time when I see other fellow Americans try to ridicule and depict poor people and needy neighbors of other nationalities and cultures, they really make me nauseous.

    If you cannot help your fellow citizens… please do not harm them… We have to work together to make America stronger, and that we will do with or without you!

  12. Raymond Says:

    Tell ya what,Now this will probably sound “sick” to you because it comes out of my “sick” mind, but Instead of trying to force me to pay more taxes to support deadbeats, YOU start writing checks from your own account, and raising private $$$ Yourself????…….. Yeah simple solution, but one you libs are unwilling to do. ALL TALK.

  13. Allen Says:

    Raymond you are definitely a sick man. You need a good psychiatrist to deal with your attitude problem and straighten your life up kiddoo! For your own good. STOP TALKING AND BEGIN TO ACT AS A HUMAN BEING. NOBODY is forcing you to pay more taxes. Cost of living has gone up for every family in the United States, while salaries have remained stagnant for many years. Ask your Congressman if you want to find out why. Maybe you should ask the Governor from California, Mr. Albert Swazernager (sorry if I misspelled his name). He just approved a Universal Health Plan for the whole State of California, where nobody rich of poor, will have to pay to receive healthcare anywhere, and to make it rougher for you to digest, he included aliens, and inmigrants. Helping human beings recover their health is no joke. It is the responsibility of our nation’s political and social leaders. Just think for a change and STOP SAYING STUPID THINGS AND INSULTING GOOD PEOPLE. If you cannot come up with the right answer, just shut your helly mouth up and stop being unrespectful to people who care for other people.

  14. Kyle Says:

    Since this has become Raymond’s blog, I’m outta here! Life’s too short for hate, and yes I’m sure Ray will say “wha???? moi????”

    Hasta la Vista

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