CMP responds to SOC attack

July 27, 2006



The issue alleged occurred in Dec / Jan, prior to city council approval

or any issue or election being set.  We believe no campaign violations

have occurred.


Bob Hart is the attorney to the PAC and my understanding is campaign

finance laws state that legal and accounting services are not in kind

contributions that need to be listed.


Of course, if the author believes actual campaign violations have

occurred they should report them immediately to the appropriate



My personal opinion is the saddest thing about this latest smear attack

is SOC can’t let the public just get the facts about the park project and

vote on whether they want the development or not.  They are trying to

attack good people that are trying to make Pensacola better out of

desperation because the project itself withstands any of their



Lets vote and see.


Jeff DeWeese


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