Downtown Crowd unveiled

July 26, 2006

farmerPensacola City Council candidate Sam Hall says the “Downtown Crowd” can be found by looking at who contributed to the campaigns of his opponent Paul Young and Councilmen PC Wu and Mike DeSorbo.

Below is the list of their contributors. It looks like the only ones that contributed to all three are  NAI Halford (headed by former councilman Doug Halford),  Buzz Ritchie (chamber chairman, bank president), Robert De Varona (rest. owner at airport) and Mr. Ted Ciano’s Automotive (Ted Ciano’s business is in the county. He lives in Gulf Breeze.)

There you have it – the Downtown Crowd is Doug Halford, Buzz Ritchie, Robert De Varona and Ted Ciano.


P C Wu                                 

Richard R Baker                     $500.00

Merrill Brothers                       $500.00

O’Connor Management Group  $500.00

John S Carr                             $500.00

Bullock Tice Associates          $500.00

NAI Halford                           $500.00

The Lewis Bear Company      $250.00

Brian K Spencer                      $500.00

Gilbert M Singer                     $500.00

J Dan Gilmore                         $500.00

Greg Threadgill                       $250.00

Buzz Ritchie                           $500.00

Robert De Varona                   $150.00

Moulton Properties, Inc.         $500.00

Arthur M Rocker                    $500.00

L. Wayne Etheredge               $200.00

Mr. Ted Ciano’s Automotive  $300.00

C Edward Stanford                $50.00

Eugene B Rosenbaum             $100.00

Pensacola Professional Firefig $500.00

Roger P Enzor                         $200.00

Realtors Political Action Comm         $500.00



Greg Threadgill                       $250.00

Levin & Rinke Resort             $500.00

Island Resort Development    $500.00

Donald Partington                  $100.00

Fidelity Duncan, LTD                        $500.00

James Harbert                         $100.00

Frank Greskovich, Jr.              $100.00

James Cronley                         $500.00

Nathan Kahn                           $100.00

Bruce McDonald                    $100.00

Bullock – Tice, Assoc, Inc       $200.00

Northwest Partners, LTD       $250.00

Robert deVarona        $150.00

Jerry Maygarden         $250.00

NAI Halford               $500.00

Edward Ranelli           $100.00

Bill Bond                    $100.00

Buzz Ritchie               $100.00

Mr. Ted Ciano’s Automotive $500.00

Profession Firefighter Local 707 PAC $500.00



Richard R. Baker        $200.00

Neil C. Davis              $100.00

Phil J. Levine              $100.00

Robert A. Benz           $500.00

Bullock Tice Associates, Inc $200.00

W. C. Merrill, Jr          $100.00

H. Britt Landrum        $100.00

Ann Moulton              $150.00

Nathan Kahn               $100.00

Buzz Ritchie               $100.00

Robert G. Holmes       $250.00

Leah Rose Greenhut   $50.00

F. Ormond Dickerson $200.00

Sally Bussell Fox        $50.00

Brenda R. Gleaton      $200.00

James E. Flournoy       $250.00

Pat N. Groner              $100.00

Sharic Properties Inc   $250.00

Davis-Morette Properties, Inc$250.00

Morette Company       $500.00

Thomas D Tait            $150.00

Mr. Ted Ciano’s Automotive $500.00

Joyce White                $100.00

William A. Hunt         $50.00

Robert E. Gowing       $100.00

C. J. Adkins                $100.00

Lucy H. Rentz                        $50.00

Eugene B Rosenbaum $100.00

Charles H. Carlan        $250.00

Eric J. Nickelsen         $250.00

J. Collier Merrill          $500.00

William L. Maloy, Sr. $100.00

Nancy N. Maloy         $100.00

Braden K. Ball            $150.00

Kathleen Horton-Brown $200.00

NAI Halford               $250.00

Robert de Varona       $150.00


One Response to “Downtown Crowd unveiled”

  1. WanderingHoo Says:

    There’s worse crowds than those to run in around here, that’s for sure.

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