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July 25, 2006

pyp 1Observations from a young professional who listened to the other candidates:

Pensacola City Council, District 1: Bob Walker & P.C. Wu

Walker is very much against the “Downtown Crowd” as well as the Maritime Park. He spent most of his time basing his opponent and expressing his aversion to everyone on Wu’s contributor list. He spoke very little about what he would actually do.

Wu was well spoken. He supports the Maritime Park and wants to see development in Pensacola as a whole. He stated facts and asked that we make every effort to get the facts on our own rather than to hear them from a candidate’s mouth.


Pensacola City Council, District 3: Mike Desorbo & Jerry Howard

Desorbo got up and talked not about himself, but about facts and fallacies. He lent clarification as to where city and county money can and can not be spent. He spent no time bashing his opponents but simply stated fact after fact and encouraged us to find documentation on fallacies. Great ideas about developments, careers, housing and economical advancement.

Howard is against the Maritime Park in its current form. He supports growth but not the current proposition. He wants to bring more jobs, more housing and better wages to the area.

Actually, everyone wants better jobs, more jobs, better wages and more housing, but very few said HOW they intend to facilitate that.


Pensacola City Council District 5: Willie Curry, John Jerralds, Gloria Wiggins

Curry was so nervous that he could barley speak. He literally got out about 2 sentences. One of his points was EVERYONE needs to vote on EVERYTHING. His opponents raised the issue of time constraints but he maintained that everyone needs to be asked before parks, libraries, hospitals, etc. are built.

Jerralds supports the Maritime Park and wants to see overall growth for the area. He suggested strenuous PR and marketing for the Pensacola area via a town magazine and recruiters so to speak (you know I support PR and marketing!!) He insisted that higher paying jobs are the only way to get people to stay. If we pay more than people can afford to build and spend more. Building materials are pricey, so just pay people more. He was very adamant about paying Pensacolians more.

Wiggins had very little to say about growth and advancement for the area other than she would like to see the city and county partner with potential home owners to build their own homes. In essence she would like to see the city and the county become a habitat-for-humanity where the city/county & homeowner take part in building the home therefore reducing costs to the homeowner. She did not address where the city and county might achieve the necessary funds for the home building.


State Representative, District 3: Holly Benson (Aide) Elizabeth Campbell

Benson’s Aide addressed Benson’s strong desire and support for growth in the state. She recited a lot of information that is available on her website. Her primary focus was letting us know how much money Benson has helped secure for the movement of the Main Street plant.

Campbell was VERY focused on education and releasing the “strangle hold” that the FCAT has on students. She wants the school system to be improved therefore decreasing the drop-out rate and increasing the standards in the area which would cyclically develop higher wages and more growth for the state.


Well, I hope that lets you know a little bit about how the rest of the evening went! I thought it was a great idea! It was very well run and it really shed some light on a lot of issues.



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