PYP Forum – City Council, District 2

July 25, 2006

PYP Forum


Pensacola City Council – District 2: Sam Hall, Stephen Kolokouris, Paul Young


Hall: From Kentucky, graduated from Murray St., in US Navy 7 years, retired from US Coast Guard. Deep roots aren’t qualification. Sees the deep roots of the council as what has gotten us where we are today. City Council is out of touch with district.


Kolokouris is the president of  technology consulting company that helps physicians manage their practices. He’s a Pensacola native that had to leave the area to find a good job.  Offers a fresh vision. No more “big box” retail centers. Wants to find a medium size employer to bring 500 new jobs to the area.


Young served on the city council from 1995-98. Was a big supporter of police and fire departments. Focus on job creations, safe streets & neighborhoods. Sees Downtown as an integral part of the city – must be vibrant, growing. We must develop our waterfront.


Community Maritime Park:

Kolokouris: if voters approve it, we will take care in selecting members to the management board. Like what Mobile Mayor Mike Dow did in his city. Would like to see an even greater investment in the waterfront.

Young: Pointed to the success of Aragon development. It involved 30-40 citizens to determine best utilization. Wants to do the same for the waterfront.

Hall:  Doesn’t like the CMP process. Wanted more citizen input upfront. Thinks emails that Save Our City has prove it was a done deal before it came before the council. Also, Downtown is not absolute – other districts have been ignored. Not anti-downtown, but is anti-downtown crowd. Downtown crowd is the people who have made campaign contributions to Mike DeSorbo, PC Wu and Paul Young.


Affordable housing:

Young: It’s a national challenge. Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) districts can help.

Hall: Sees CRA as tax increment scheme. Believes rest of the City pays for fire and police protection in the CRA district. Wants tax breaks for first-time home buyers.

Kolokouris: Wants to expand CRA to help poorer black neighborhoods. Also see good jobs as the key to getting more affordable housing.


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